Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real Mexican Food At Last!

We have had such a great time here in AZ and really don't want to go back to PA. I love spending time with my boys and cherish every moment they can spare. It is hard for me to remember that they have jobs and responsiblities and can't just take the day and hang with me. I have way too much to say and way too many photos to share but I can't seem to upload photos from my camera here at my in laws. We had Christmas Eve with Cory's family and Christmas day with my sister, Dene's baptism, and a ton of mexican restaurants that have made Cory so very happy! I will post more when we get home on Wednesday. I still have a ton of people to see here in AZ so I will be busy for the next few days!
Later dudes
One sunny L

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Land of the Sun Here We Come!!!

We are leaving in the morning to head home to AZ and let me just say yeehaw!! I can't say how excited I am to go to AZ and see my sons and family...and eat some good Mexican food and spend some time with my best friends!!! The sun is calling me home..and I am coming! They say it has been raining in AZ, I hope it stops before we get there! I have seen enough rain to last a lifetime. The dog is taken care of and we have friends who are willing to give us a ride to the airport...thank goodness someone leaves later than us (Dave & Elise you guys rock)! We have school age children and can never take off as early as the rest of the students so we usually become the airport shuttle service...we don't mind...better yet I usually offer Cory so...Cory doesn't mind!
I have nothing done in preparation and I am starting to feel the panic settling in...I am such a last minute girl!!!
Well I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas...I hope everyone is as lucky as we are and get to spend the holidays with family and friends.
Stay warm my PA friends and see you next year!
One soon to be sunny L

Monday, December 08, 2008

I was tagged

It appears I was tagged on Amy O blog and I just recently found out because I check her blog on a weekly basis because she is a ....random blogger, especially now that she has become a facebook participant.
Here goes!

favorite show- House, The Hills, (Lets face it I am a sucker for any reality show), Heros, Army wives, Starter Wife and Lost when it is actually on!
favorite ice cream- Hagan Das sticky toffee pudding and HD chocolate peanutbutter.
favorite candy- Canadian licorice (black or red)
favorite cleaner- Magic freaking Eraser...its like...magic!!!
weird fact #1- I never keep anything crafty that I make...I constantly want to take it apart and redo it.
weird fact #2- My armpits never thing of Secret could last a year or more.
weird fact #3- I love peanut M & M's but I only eat the candy coating and spit out the peanut.
fast food or homemade- homemade...especially when it is in someone else's home.
favorite holiday-Christmas...come on it is the season of giving!!!!
mac or pc-PC, I agree with Amy O. mac users are weird! (sorry Michelle)

Ok now I tag Kaylene, Radene and Brook

Happy Posting
One L

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Party Day

Dene had her party today and let me just say I didn't have fun, but Dene said she did. It was a comedy of errors from the beginning and I am just glad it is over. It sounded like such a fun idea except none of these girls had the slightest idea what to do...well except for Dene and Jonece.
Maybe I expect too much...maybe I am not the ideal teacher for 8 year olds. Well lets just start with the topper of the friend Mandi was going to be my helper since Cory and scrapbooking Never occur in the same sentence in anyone's reality. Mandi's husband is a fireman and just as she was getting ready to come to my place her husband got a call and he had to go...and so did my sanity. The thought of fourteen little girls with glue and scissors and only me was daunting, but I had to press on there was no alternative.
I was clear...double sided tape for paper and glue for the heavier stuff like chipboard. Did anyone pay attention...NO! Paper that looked like waves from the enormous amount of glue and chipboard pieces held down with tape. How does a huge puddle of glue come from being told to use tiny dots on the edges? How does put this aside until the end mean glue it to the front of the scrapbook now? Who would have thought that I would have to explain that double sided tape goes on the back of the photo not on the front? I quit...seriously I will never, I repeat never undertake anything like this ever ever again.
I felt like I was on a treadmill and it was going way to fast!
I was a recipe for disaster and I was more than a little frazzled with Cory out studying for finals. I should have been prepared for the chance that I had to do it alone. But regardless this was my last scrapbook birthday party I will ever do!
It feels good to vent and it even feels better knowing that none of the moms will ever read my blog! I don't want them to know what a huge failure I was. Dene's classmate's mothers think I am so crafty and I don't want to shatter the illusion.
On a positive note it is done and I won't have to plan another Birthday Party until April!
Now I just have to get through Enrichment on Tuesday and it is clear sailing all the way to AZ on the 19th! I am so excited...I can't wait to hug my boys and I haven't seen so many of my bestest friends in almost 2 years!!!!
I am off to bed to hopefully not have nightmares about the day and awake in the morning a nicer more loving person.
One L

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Over Doing It?

I know I am crafty but sometimes I think I go too far...Dene's birthday party invitations just might be one of those times.
She is having a Scrapalicious party where we will be making an 8 x 8 scrapbook so I made the invitation a little mini scrapbook!
I usually go all out and make homemade invites but I usually don't spend 10 to 15 hours on 12!
Well they are all done and sent off to school for turning back now! I have these great ideas but then when it comes to actually doing it I ask myself "what was I thinking?" If all 12 kids say yes that means I will have 14 little girls making scrapbooks at my house! Yikes! Lets hope some kids are busy this Saturday!
Have a great day!
One overachieving L

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The weekend is over and all I can say is whew!. The craft show went advent calendar was the first thing to go! They didn't even barter about the price! It kinda makes me sad to let it go...there was so much of me in it. I make a lot of crafts and give them away and never think twice about them but I will think of my cookie sheet advent calendar for a while. Or I might just have to make another one!
Super Saturday went well...I think. It is hard to judge when you are racing around trying hard to remember everything...and that is so not who I am! I should have been born blond (no offense intended). But I am such a scatter brain...always have been always will be! When I was little my father used to say I was "flaky". I don't think he was referring to my light and airy crust.
I have to say I was very impressed by the talented women who attended and have to admit I liked one of the ladies' stars even more so than mine. Great use of color and all that jazz. So many of the gals who signed up did an amazing job and I would put their creations up in my house in a heartbeat!
I know I was crazy to think I could take a couple of the other classes offered but I did try and managed to make a hairclip that was pretty darn cute. (thanks to the step by step hands on teaching of Melanie).
A special thanks to all those who helped...I couldn't do anything without you! I would be amiss if I didn't put a shout out there to my family...especially Cory. He has been so supportive and cut and sanded all 47 blocks! .He never complained about the neglected house or the craft purchases. Jonece and Dene were understanding about my need to get back into the scraproom and finish some project or organize something even when they wanted to go somewhere or have a friend over. I am truly blessed by the friends I have and the family that loves me inspite of my many flaws. I guess that is a nice way to prepare for this week...Thanksgiving is Thursday and it is a great time to remember how thankful I am.
Dene's birthday is Wednesday but we are postponing her party until next week to ensure all her friends can attend her "scrapilicious party" (they are making scrapbooks).
Now I just have to design her invitations and I already have a super cute idea forming in my head.
Have a great Thanksgiving Turkey and be thankful .
Love and smooshes
One Grateful L

Friday, November 21, 2008

And The Winner Is...



I feel bad for those who didn't win...I might have something in my bag of tricks for everyone who posted! (Just let me get through this weekend first)

Amy I have so many to choose from...but I am leaving them at the Dormont Borough Rec Center for the craft fair in the morning. Call me and let me know which ones you want before 7:45 am.

Congratulations Amy (and you said you never win...liar liar pants on fire)

One Exhausted L

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cutest thing I have ever made!!!

My sister sent me a link to a version of this advent calendar. I have changed a few things but I totally scraplifted the idea!

I made this Advent calendar for my craft show but it is so cute (and it took a long time) I am thinking I want 40 bucks for it or I'll just keep it!
The 25 little magnets took forever! But I really love the final look of it. I just have to get Cory to drill some holes so I can hang it with a super cute ribbon!
Only a little more than 24 hours until the drawing for the magnets! Good Luck everyone!
One L

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Give Away!

Here are some of the cute magnets I have made for the craft fair...I am not sure how much to charge for them. Some of them are more involved than others but they are all from stuff I have had for ages!
So now for the give away...for everyone who posts I will put their name in a hat and have one of the girls choose a name and that person will win any 2 magnets they the deadline will be Thursday night by 10:00pm so the girls who went to NYC can have a chance.
For my friends in AZ I will bring your choice at Christmas...unless you need it right away and I could mail it off to you.
Good luck everyone!
One magnetic L

Friday, November 14, 2008

What have I Been Doing Lately?

I have been trying to get a bunch of crafts done to sell at the 2 fairs I have coming up in the next few weeks! I have made 4 of these covered 8 x 8 scrapbooks all different themes and colors.
I made this accordian banner and I only have 2 of these done.
I have a bunch of blocks done but have to wait to see how many are paid for on Sunday and then I can use up the rest of them. So far I have JOY and CHRISTMAS.

I have a bunch of these stars and they are so cool...they are expensive but I think they will sell! At least I hope they do...or everyone is getting an altered star for Christmas!! I have been working on a ton of magnets...there are too many to photograph...I think I will post a few later in the weekend and have a little giveaway to start off the season of giving!
Have a great weekend,
One Crafty L

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I know we are poor...I try hard to be frugal. In most areas of my spending I give myself snaps for finding the best deals and getting a discount when I can.
But there are those things that I break down and buy and feel guilty because are a "want" not a "need".
I have been reviewing my guilty pleasures and have decided that I "need" them.

Colossal Olives stuffed with garlic.
Top of the line balsamic vinegar
Good olive oil.
fresh pineapple
unlimited text messaging on my cell phone.
Diamond glaze
good (expensive) shoes
good purses
KZion internet radio
On line shopping

These are a few of my favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens)
Right now I should be putting the girls to bed and working on some crafts for my upcoming show. But I sit here listing my guilty pleasures.
I am a little overwhelmed with my schedule this month...and I have been procrastinating!
Now I have gone and made myself feel bad because I am not doing what I should and the girls are being loud and Cory is trying to sleep!
Gotta go
Goodnight moon
One guilty L

Monday, November 03, 2008


The girls wanted to be Gypsies for Halloween so I bought obnoxious skirts from Good will and made the corsets. Add in a white shirt, some scarfs, jingle bells, and some gold jewelery and you have a pretty cute Gypsy!

They must have done something right...this is just part of the stash they raked in! Crazy isn't it? All that candy and I don't even like chocolate bars! A few months ago I threw away last years left over Halloween candy. This year I hope to have it gone by pray tell am I planning to do this without rotting out my children's teeth? Well it is simple...give it away! Cory brought some for his Sunday School class and he will do that a few more times and Dene's Birthday is right around the corner...can you say gift bags! And of course there is always girl's night...I know a few ladies out there who have a weakness for know who you are!
I am always surprised when other kids are finished with their candy so early...Dene and Jonece take forever!
I have been busy making costumes for Halloween and Jonece's Elise Island Day...she has to come in Colonial clothes...I made an apron and a bonnet! I will take pictures of her in it and post my sad attempt! But hey I am using my sewing machine...I give myself snaps for that!
Super Saturday, Dene's Birthday are sneaking up on me and I also have a craft show the same day as SS! My friend Mandi and I are selling our wares in hopes of paying for Christmas...wish me luck and pray people here want to buy my stuff...or else that is what everyone is getting for Christmas...including Cory and last time I checked he didn't want an altered star! When I get most of it done I will post some pictures of my wares!
Love you all
One crafty L

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sister's Visit/Wedding/Canada

It has been a bit crazy around here but when I think about is almost always crazy around here! My sister came from AZ with her 3 year old and her 1 year old and let me just say I am in awe of her! She is so patient and loving, and when you are dealing with 2 babies that are totally off their schedule it is a test for sure! I wish I was more like her on so many levels...she is strong and soft at the same time! We really didn't have much time just the two of us, the kiddos seem to demand our attention and no one really slept late might talks were always interrupted. We tried to jam so many things into an 8 day visit.
We headed up to Canada for our cousin's wedding, and it was so much fun! I got to see so many of my cousins that I haven't seen for 10 years or more. It was a formal wedding at a golf and curling club and it was just beautiful. We didn't go to the church we just went to the reception. It would have been a long and unbearable day for the children so we had to choose only one of them. The bride and groom were breathtaking and the club was so nice. We sat down at our assigned table and the lights were dimmed and we saw these little treats on our table along with olives and other snacky things.
Well, they kinda looked like white chocolate shells so Cory popped one in his mouth and by the look on his face we knew it wasn't chocolate. As you may have guessed it was butter...little hard balls of butter...and Cory ate one whole! Yummy! Well we laughed all night long, not only at the butter boy but at the interesting people we are related to and the dates they choose to bring.
We seriously laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our faces.
It was fun to spend a night out with my husband...we even danced! My feet were killing me because I choose to go with the super cool/high shoes instead of the comfy lower I didn't dance as much as I would have liked.
It was nice to spend time with my sisters...we have to do it more often. I will post more pictures later...I am beat tonight.
Later my friends
One tired L

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pet Peeves

I have noticed that I am not the kind, patient person I once was, if I ever was! Things get on my nerves and I find I get peeved at the strangest things!
Here are some of my pet peeves today:
1. I get so angry at 4 way seems that no one understands the concept of he who was there first gets to go first! For crying out loud don't wave me through when you were first!!! It messes up the system. Seriously I want to follow them and give them a lesson on how 4 way stops work.
2. Pittsburgh lefts are illegal and dangerous and don't get mad at me when I go when the light is green!
3. Toenails that curve over the toe and make a clicking sound when they tap the ground need to be trimmed! (Or at least hide them in closed toe shoes!)
4. NO STARK WHITE SHOES AFTER LABOR DAY!!!!!!(off white and cream are OK) I have so many pet peeves when it comes to who wear sneakers with a suit, wheelies, flip flops at church, open toed shoes and the toes overflow and rest on the ground.
5. If I am kind enough to hold the door for you...a simple thank you is required!
6. While dining out with my family or friends I am totally not interested in strangers conversations so when they talk loud enough for everyone to hear I want to slip them a note asking them to use their inside voices...but I resist!
7. If I give you a taste of my food at a restaurant it is written you must at least offer to give me a taste of yours. This was the test for all guys I dated and Cory passed with flying colors!
8. It makes me crazy when people park on the "no parking" side of the if you have to go down the street you have to squeeze through, praying you don't scrape either car!
9. Gratuitous public displays of affections! Get a room!
10. Those people who think they are better than is just not true!

It took me about 3 minutes to come up with 10 pet peeves! I guess that means I am either in a bad mood or I have many more than 10. I am betting that I am just not the kindest person on the block today!
I have to learn to be more accepting or stop driving and eating out!
Shopping for shoes always puts me in a better mood! My sister is coming for a visit tomorrow and that is just about the coolest thing that could ever happen! I miss her so much...friends are great but sisters are way special. She will be here for about a week and we are heading up to Toronto for a wedding...yeah!!!
As soon as I see her face I will instantly be in the best mood ever...until tomorrow then.
One peeved L

Monday, September 29, 2008

I am a loser

It is always fun to hang out with friends and those that are enduring to the end...the end of dental school that is! What a unique lifestyle we all live, trying hard to keep it all together when the guys are so busy and stressed to the max for the first two years, trying to be supportive when all we want is a wife of our own to help us out. So any excuse to hang out and be there for each other is a life saver! Rachelle had a few fellow students over for a chili cook off and I have to say...I was by far the loser!
I knew my chili was mediocre at best but I didn't even get in the top five! I guess we can't all be good at everything. In my defense chili is not my thing. If we had a dessert category I would have won the blue ribbon for sure! (At least that is what I tell myself)

It is fun to watch my friends have babies and prepare for babies on the way...and it makes me so incredibly happy that I have older kids for sure! Those little people are so much is amazing that anyone has more than one! I love smooshing those sweet babies and handing them back to mommy or daddy when they are less than happy. The best of both worlds...all the hugs and smiles...none of the work!
I am truly grateful that the girls love the little ones as much as I do and play with the babies so well. They will be rich by the time they are 16 and no longer want to spend Friday night babysitting.

I have dealt with the fact that I am a chili cook off loser but vow to have a cook off that is more up my alley...hey how about a Texas Sheet Cake cook off?
That is all for now my friends and family...till later I remain...
One loser L

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Funeral

Two days after my Uncle Brian's funeral my dad called to tell me my Uncle Aidan passed away early that morning. He was kicking cancer's butt but his heart couldn't take all the chemotherapy medicine and gave out Saturday morning. I will miss him.
Let me just share a few things about my Uncle Aidan. He was an extraordinary man in so many ways. Most of my father's brothers were a little on the hairy side but my Uncle Aidan had a hair sweater and I grew up thinking that this was normal. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized that having a hair sweater was not so cool. I still prefer a hairy chest to a bare chest but hairy shoulders... not so much. But my Uncle was always cool to me, and he was by far the funniest uncle in my entire family. He had the patience of Job and in all the years I have known him I never once saw him mad. He had the best laugh. Even when I talked to him from his hospital bed last year right after he had brain surgery he was cracking jokes and made me laugh. The world is a sadder place without him. But I am better for knowing him and loving him. With tears running down my face I ask myself why am I so sad? I know that this life isn't all there is and he is free of pain. I know he lived a life that was full of love and kindness therefore his reward in Heaven will be great. I cry because he won't be able to love and play with his grandchildren the way he was there for me when I was little and later for my boys. I cry because my girls never got to know him. My father has lost 2 of his baby brothers in a 2 week span...he is the eldest and not prepared for all of this. All in all he has lost 4 of his siblings, three brothers and a sister. I can't imagine losing one of my sisters.
This week has been very busy even in my world it would be considered crazy busy and I became a little like Scarlet O'Hara with pushing off those things I didn't want to deal with by saying I will deal with that tomorrow...tomorrow is another day. You know those days when you want to crawl back in bed and just curl up but your life won't let you do it, kids need to be fed and there are things that have to get done so you can't fall apart today, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow has arrived and I will miss my uncles. My heart breaks for the families left behind trying to deal with the grief without the gospel. I have peace knowing Heavenly Father's plan and know that I will see them again and we will laugh again. Still I think I will crawl back in bed and cry for awhile.
One L

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Feeling Medieval

We went to the Renaisance Festival today and the girls had so much fun ...the rides were man powered but just as fun as a rollercoaster! The weather looked like it would rain but it stayed dry and cool!
This barrel was way fun! the guy would swing them way up and then start spinning them. At only 3 bucks a ride it was a steal...NOT! I was sitting there adding up how much money that ride raked in on the average 12 to 15 dollars every 3-5 made me want to make this contraption in my back yard and charge a buck and I could make 50 bucks an hour!

This ride was less spectacular but the girls loved it...they spin the crow's nest up then let it go and they wind and unwind down the pole.
The girls enjoyed trying archery, and Cory was a patient teacher! Then we watched a few shows...some were inappropriate for the girls but most of that humor went right over their heads! We watched a hypnotist show that was too funny! The fire eater was cool and the jousting was just OK.
We went with the Murdocks but they are in none of my pictures! I think Cory and
Tyson's favorite thing was the turkey leg!
We came home and I put the last few finishing touches to Keri's baby shower invitations...then I got a sad call from my Uncle had passed away alone in his apartment and it took over a week before anyone found him. It is a sad story, a sad life, and a sad death.
I loved my Uncle Brian very much...when my dad told me I couldn't marry him when I grew up I consoled myself by saying that I would have to marry my Uncle Brian then...they didn't have the heart to tell me I couldn't marry him either! His life has been tragic for the last 5 or 6 years...and his death was not a surprise...just very sad.
If you have a moment say a prayer for my cousin Charlene and my dad...they are left with all the work and heartache. My sister and I are hopeful that my Uncle will find the gospel in the spirit world and plan to do his work in a year.
Hug for those far away and let them know how much you love them.
Sorry to end on a sad note.
One L

Monday, September 01, 2008

Life Happens

Cory's brother Scott came for a visit and he is an expert at concrete so they redid the driveway and sidewalk and all I can say is beautiful!
We have been so busy these last few weeks trying to do all the things we wanted to do before school started for the such luck but we have been busy! We still have ticket to Kennywood but haven't gone yet...we haven't taken the girls on the Clipper and we didn't make it up to Canada this summer. Not to worry though, we can do all those things before September is over.
We spent a lot less time at the pool than I thought we would but still worth the 125.00 we paid for the summer pass. I think we had an unseasonably cool August because that pool was downright freezing half the time and I don't know how the girls even got in let alone stayed in until there lips were blue. They are little water bugs and they get that from me...I remember being so sad every time my parents made me get out of the water to eat or sleep.
The girls started back to school this week (Aug. 25th) and let me say we were all happy for school to resume. Jonece and Dene get along so well but by the end of the summer they were so not! They love their new teachers and classrooms and this year promises to be different but fun in its own right. Last year Dene had the sweetest teacher in the school and they really clicked. They shared a love of animals and this years teacher loves Micky Mouse. Jonece had a male teacher last year and this year her teacher is the wife of the superintendent of the Keystone Oaks school district and I am told she is tough but fair. She loves 4th grade already!

I have been busy with Enrichment and getting to know some of the new people that have moved into the ward this last month. We have 6 new dental students in our ward and Cory says there is a ton more in the other wards. One of Cory's brother's friends is here in our ward, he is going to medical school here at Pitt.
I have had a few over for lunch and they all seem so fun and I am sort of sad that I will have only 20 months and 3 weeks to get to know them better...OK my joy at heading home way overshadows my sadness but they all seem like super cool ladies and it would have been nice had they moved here 2 years ago!
That is all for now my friends!
Stay cool!
One L

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tagged re: Quirks

My sister tagged me on her blog...and if you know Care I better do it or else!

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Yikes this is harder than I thought.
I am not sure how to link people either.

1. I have a texture problem with food I don't like to mix them or better yet I don't like chunks...for example I don't like chunky peanut butter...I am never really sure if it is a peanut chunk or a bug. I can find and spit out even the tinniest chunk of anything.
2. I love peanut M&M's but I only like the shell and I throw away the peanut drives Cory and Amy O. crazy but alas it is the way I eat them!
3. I hate driving...I find it difficult to focus on driving and do anything else like talking, breathing or listening to the radio...if I have a friend with me I always make them drive...even if it is my car!
4. I always look at other people's shoes...and make assumptions about them...I know that it is wrong but no matter how hard I try I still have a trouble with people wearing white shoes after Labor Day!
5. I don't like to be talked to in the morning...if you ask me a simple question like what time is it I get horribly frustrated and have difficulty processing the question and the just leave me alone for a while!
6. I am superstitious when it comes to games/ I have to be red, I don't touch my cards until the dealer is finished and never I get cocky...or my luck will change and I will lose!

I will tag Amy O'Neil, Nancy M (I know you don't have a blog so just do it in my comment section), Melanie P., Radene, Emily L., and last but not least Elise.

Well I did it... all 6! So tonight I will think of better ones and I will want to edit this post.
That is all for tonight.
Love you all
One quirky L

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Birthday!

OK Friday was my birthday and lets just say I am 39 and holding! I woke up late and remember Cory kissing me goodbye when it was still darker outside and whispering Happy Birthday in my ear. I was surprised by breakfast in bed by my two lovely daughters followed up with two hand made cards by the same sweet girls. I then found propped up on my computer screen a birthday card from Cory that made me cry.After Cory came home early he took me all the way to Butler to a huge scrapbook store that actually had stuff from this year! He even said I could go hog wild and get whatever I wanted...a dangerous thing to say to me! I was restrained only by my thoughts of going to AZ at Christmas time and wanted to spend my money at my favorite store...Devine memories of course! It was good to be around all that new stuff and pretty new's an addiction.
After the scrapbook store we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I had the T-bone and all I can say is yum! We tried to save room for dessert but we were all stuffed with food left on our plates...maybe we should have had only one basket of yummy rolls!
We left TRH and ran to the airport to get Cory's brother Scott...he is coming to do the concrete driveway that I have been dreaming about for the last 2 years. It is so great having talented family that takes time from their own family to come and help out a poor relation that has a sad and broken driveway.
After we got Scott we headed home and ended the day with a trip to Bruster's...and ice cream place that is extraordinary. I had 2 scoops! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.
That is all for now I will post pictures of the new and simply gorgeous driveway later,
One L

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ah Memories...

I copied this from Libby's blog...what a fun idea!

1. As a comment on this post, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Post away
One L

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I married the love of my life and have spent the last ten years with my best friend. No one can make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants like Cory can. No one can make me smile when all I want to do is cry except for Cory. When I think about what life would have been like had I not had the courage to date/marry a younger man I could just cry. I wouldn't have had these last 10 years of joy nor would I have the family I have. I am so grateful for the man I fell in love with, he has been the best husband in the world.
Can you believe that he has never yelled at me in anger? Not once...ever. Don't get me wrong I have ticked him off a ton of times but he never gets mean. I don't know what wonderful thing I did that he fell in love with me but how lucky am I?
In ten years my only complaint has been he forgets to empty the dishwasher... sometimes for days and he is less social than I would like but in the scheme of things I am the luckiest girl in the world! He never gets on my nerves...and I can't say that about anybody else. We could spend months together 24/7 and I still want to sit next to him and talk. I love my girls but I am so ready for them to get back to school!
He is honest to a fault and a true friend. He would spoil me rotten if I wasn't so cheap. He has never said no that I couldn't get something I wanted for me...but he has said no a 100 times when I have wanted to get something for the kids. It kind of makes it hard to get the rebel rush I used to get when I would secretly buy something...he wouldn't mind if I did so it takes the fun out of it sometimes.
He mocks my craft addictions but he never complains, even when I buy more paper. I just love this man!
I look forward to another 10 years knowing that we will continue to grow as a couple and as a family (grow metaphorically not in numbers). I especially look forward to his retirement when we can travel together and visit friends and children and spoil grandchildren together...ahhh that sounds like heaven on earth.Sorry for the poor photo quality my scanner wouldn't cooperate so I had to take pictures of my pictures.
Happy Ten year Anniversary to Cory...and me! (Cory almost never reads the blog)
One L

Monday, July 21, 2008

Palmyra Trip

Jonece with the twins who had parts in the pageant...the girls were very impressed with the costumes.
A beautiful dragon fly in the Sacred Grove.
The three wise men who visited Jesus as a small boy.
This was at the opening of the show with the entire cast on is a little over whelming in person.

We went to the Palmyra pageant this summer and it was amazing. We got there mid day and did the whole Joseph Smith farm tour and walked through the Sacred Grove and we were all moved by the spirit of the place! We went into the recreation of the log home the Smith's lived in and the actual frame home is still there! It is humbling to walk were others who were so amazing walked.
Log home with a cool cellar that was dark and scary for the girls.
The Palmyra Temple is just beautiful...and so peaceful.
Cory and the girls waiting outside the visitor's center at the pageant.
Actual copy of a first edition Book of Mormon...before they separated it into chapters and!
We had a great time staying in a hotel...they had a pool and the girls love to swim. I think if you asked them what was their favorite part of the vacation they would probably say swimming in the hotel pool. For me it was watching Cory's face as he experienced it all for the first time, the girls too but mostly Cory.
We decided to put off our camping trip this week off until next weekend because it was so hot here...I know those of you in AZ will call me a whiner but 92 with a 100% humidity is yucky! This weekend the temperatures will be in the low 80's so we might go then...we love to sit by the fire and roast marshmallows and just chill. Well that is all for today...we love you all!
One L
p.s. the ticker up in the left hand corner is how long we have before we head back to AZ!