Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter fever

Well Cory and I went to Costco early on the 21st to get a copy of the new Harry Potter book. I don't know what I was afraid of they had hundreds of copies and I am sure they had more in the back. I was starting to get Cory's cold he brought back with him from AZ and had a party at our house that night so I didn't get a chance to read it until all our guests had left. I felt awful and couldn't even read...what a bummer! But I started feeling a bit better late on Sunday and finished the book Monday night. WOW! It was gripping, I won't say anything that might spoil the experience for other HP followers out there but let me just say...alot of things were answered. The girls want me to finish reading it to them but Cory has first dibs.
Cory has only 2 more final and then he is done for a whole month! We are excited about seeing him more...we have missed him these past few weeks. We have a ton of plans, people and places to go.
Chris and Tara are coming on the 4th and we are all excited about that! I will post some pics even if he hasn't cut his hair.
love ya
One L

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The skyline

We took this picture when we took friends up to Mount Washington so they could take some picture for their Christmas cards. The Johnsons were moving back West after 4 years of school here in Pittsburgh, they wanted their Christmas card to have a picture of this "home" since it feels more like home than Washington state. They are gone to work on an Indian reservation far from friends and family. I guess after 4 years here in PA you know you can live anywhere...make new friends and all that you really need is you little eternal family and a phone...and the internet...and maybe money so you can afford to fly and visit friends and family often. The girls are getting so big, and I am so proud of the little ladies they have become.
Cory went to AZ for a very sad family funeral (his cousin Rodney Clark) and the girls and I had a weekend full of girl stuff. Cory had his fill of Mexican food and his tummy may never forgive him, and he had the chance to spend time with all seven of his brothers and sisters. It is hard to get all of them together for anything, they are all spread out over this country. Cory gets rejuvenated when he spends time with his siblings, he laughs more, he smiles all the time and he loves them all so much. He is so proud of the people they have grown up to be...and along with his parents they are the standard he sets for himself and the people he wants to emulate most. It is sad that it takes a funeral to get everyone together...but when the going gets tough this family is one unit...and there is such a comfort in this.
Hug your families.
One L