Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Years 11 Months and 29 days To Go!!

Cory just finished his first year of Dental school and he has an entire week off!!!yehaw!!! so in less than 3 years we will be out of this forsaken place and somewhere that has a sun shining in the sky. In honor of Cory's huge vacation from school we are squeezing in a babpism, his parents visiting, my mother visiting and going to Canada to visit my dad. And he has a list 3 feet long of things he has to do around the house and to the car! There is no rest for the CORY.
Missing everyone that isn't visiting this week and loving you all.
One L

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Baptism

Can you believe my little baby girl Jonece is turning 8 next week? Her baptism will be on Saturday April 28 at 2:00pm. All our friends and family are invited and there will be a huge party back at my house. Cory is so excited...his first child he gets to baptize...he is so honored.
I am making the cutest invites for her "aloha" birthday party on the 21st and when they are all done I will post a pic. I haven't got a clue as to what I am doing for her actual baptism invites...any suggestions? Normally I would go to the Quilted Bear and Deseret and get a ton of ideas but neither store is here in no where land. There is always the I am off to check out some sites.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taught a class

It has been so long since I taught a class but I thought it would be fun...well let me just say I learned so very much about what not to do here in PA. NO MORE CHOICES! I will pick the paper and the embellishments and if they don't like it they can get their money back. What a nightmare...I was showing about 12 girls how to alter a frame and I brought from my stash several sheets of paper and a bunch of different embelishment choices. Well, since I taught the class in my home I ran upstairs to my scrap room to get a few things I had forgotten and the word got out that I had a small scrapbook store upstairs...well now everyone wanted to "take" stuff and I was getting upset.
From now on I will limit the size of my classes and do the classes at the church or make upstairs off limits. Live and and learn.
One L