Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

Well the deed is done...the baby showers are finished and I am so grateful that both turned out fine. At Rachelle's we played name that was actually chocolate bars melted in a diaper...they looked gross but not too gross because I saw more than one lady tasting the goo! I was surprised at how many got them all right...Let's just say Brooke knows her poop/chocolate! I think I had the most fun watching the ladies race to finish 2 oz of water out of a bottle! Seriously it was the funniest thing ever!
I have been running on pure adrenaline these last few days and now that it is done I am exhausted. Now I sit and wish I had done things differently...I wanted everything to be perfect for the new mothers to be. I am not a perfectionist as much as I know how I want things to go and I get angry with myself if things don't go the way I foresaw. All in all I think it went OK.
Monday is a new week with nothing pressing to get done and let me just say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have a few things like the newsletter but hey I can deal with just that!
I am grateful for wonderful friends who kept me sane and helped out so much...thank you! How can anyone get through this life without a few good friends who have their back? Love you!
One L

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surprises and Pretty Girls

We have had a fun week with a surprise birthday party for Rachelle and a shower for Lindsey (I forgot to take pictures even though I remembered to bring my camera). Let me just say I was afraid that Rachelle was going to have the baby right there in her living room when we all yelled surprise and pulled our poppers! She was definitely can't fake a near heart attack. Maybe we should rethink surprise birthday parties for women who are in their last month of pregnancy.
We have had a few days off this week from school for the girls (not so fun for me) and we have been watching a friend of Jonece's for the school holidays because her mom has to work! You wouldn't know it from the loving picture of the sisters but they just don't get along when they have days on end together and add in only one friend and...its a nightmare! The girls have this Friday off for some dumb teacher in service day and that means I will get nothing done and I will have to deal with the girls and their drama drama drama! It always goes better when I have things planned like a trip to the park or a movie or a museum or a few fun crafts but I am busy putting the final touches on Rachelle's baby shower on Saturday. Maybe if I were better organized I wouldn't be such a scatter brain and leave so many things to the last minute...I plan on working on no longer being a procrastinator...maybe tomorrow or next week.
I miss my sister...she is like my right hand and when I get overwhelmed she steps in and makes everything OK and even seem fun...I love and respect her so much. She is the most loving, giving, spirit of the Law person I have ever known. We rub each others shoulders when we are stressed and she has the best hands...she is a great team cook and she does dishes too! She is an example to me when she is so willing to help out her fellow man/woman, feed their family, let them move in for a week, lend an ear and even watch their children all while juggling 4 little ones of her own. It seems like forever since I saw her beautiful smile light up the room...she is trying to find a flight to come for a visit and I can't wait. OK I will stop the pity party! I just hope my girls will be close like Care and I are when they grow up...there is nothing as comforting as a sister who knows you...warts and all...and still thinks you are all that and is in your corner even when you might not be completely right! When Jonece and Dene fight I cry inside...I want them to love each other and be close always. I know I am not in control of their future relationship but it is my fondest wish that they have a wonderful relationship like the one I share with my little sister. I ramble...well it has been a while!
Later dudes and dudettes
One L

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was just dreaming a few minutes ago and when I realized I was dreaming...I laughed! I was shopping and found an incredible bargain, it was a scrapbook kit that was normally 29.99 and it was on clearance for 2.50. I was positively giddy, I didn't particularly like it but I bought it anyway because it was such a great deal. I am such a sucker for a bargain...I cannot resist!
Random thought number 2...I love real people...the kind of people that others might find offensive. They come off a little rough around the edges but they never lie and they are loyal till the end. They are the kind of people that can't hide exactly how they feel at any given moment...what you see is what you get! They would run a mile barefoot over glass for you but if you look stupid in that outfit they tell you. They tend to tick other people off but I think they are just misunderstood and a treasure to have by your side. I am blessed with several of these wonderful friends and I thank my Father in Heaven everyday that I have them in my life.
On the flip side I detest, abhor, loathe, phony people. You know the ones...they smile to your face and stab you in the back. They pretend to be someone they are not. Maybe I don't despise them as much as I feel sorry for them, I hate the fact that they haven't figured out that it is always best to be yourself because in the end, it is what it is, we are who we are...maybe I don't really despise them...maybe I do.
Random thought number 3...I love other people's children. I don't mean in a superficial way, I mean the kind of love that one might have for your own children. I used to be in awe of those that adopted because in my heart I knew I could never love another woman's child as much as I love my own. That is no longer true...I could totally take several of the sweet babies in my ward home with me and raise them as my own. Don't worry I am not about to steal anyone's baby but if I had to raise one I could do it with a peace knowing that they will be raised with a mother's love.
That concludes Michele's random thoughts this early Sunday morning!
Later my friends
One random L

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Rest For The Wicked

Yeah! Enrichment is done! Now I can focus on Rachelle's and Lindsey's baby showers. Last night was fun and the food turned out OK inspite of the fact that while laminating some cool pages I burnt the sauce. I carefully poured out the chicken spaghetti into other pots without scrapping the bottom and was lucky there was no burnt flavor throughout the whole dish. I was horrified because there was no time to make another batch...but thankfully it could be saved. The ladies who spoke were perfect...short and sweet! Our theme was based on a talk about standing strong and immovable in faith, family and relief. The talks were dead on! We had to scramble a bit in the final few days as our leader had a death in the family and had to fly home. Everyone pitched in and we pulled it off and let me just say...THANKS!!
Now on to bigger and better things...the showers! It has been ages since I threw a shower, and I am grateful for my friends here who have stepped up to the plate and are helping out more than words can say. Thanks everyone for all your help!
One L

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

School Field Trip

I got the chance to go with Dene on her school trip to the Aviary and the Children's Museum and let me just say we all had a blast! I am ashamed that I haven't taken my kids there before, both are totally up their alley. I think we could have spent the entire day in the art room of the children's museum and it would have been an amazing day. Dene loves art and being creative, and she is talented! She gets that from my side of the family...yeah! one thing from side! My mother is an amazing artist/painter. We are planning another trip there so both girls can play. Some parts of the museum are too young for the girls but all in all it has so much to offer. Family passes are expensive but just a day is very reasonable. Just a little note to anyone thinking of going...bring a change of clothes because there is a floor where they learn about water and they can get soaked.
At the Aviary we saw so many birds and a few shows. The birds are so close you can even touch them...not that you should. The pictures do not it justice...there are birds at your feet and flying around your head! If you plan a trip to the Aviary...wear a hat!
We have had a busy week so far and it will get worse for sure! Why oh why do I sign up for so many things??? Its not like anyone asked me...I volunteered! I have the newsletter to do this week and I am working the Book Fair everyday as well! I am also in charge of the cookie booth outside of Kuhns Saturday...I think Cory is going to be our best customer...he seriously has a thing for the new Lemon chalet cookies not to mention Samoas! Well that is all for now, totally love you all and miss everyone in AZ.
One L