Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real Mexican Food At Last!

We have had such a great time here in AZ and really don't want to go back to PA. I love spending time with my boys and cherish every moment they can spare. It is hard for me to remember that they have jobs and responsiblities and can't just take the day and hang with me. I have way too much to say and way too many photos to share but I can't seem to upload photos from my camera here at my in laws. We had Christmas Eve with Cory's family and Christmas day with my sister, Dene's baptism, and a ton of mexican restaurants that have made Cory so very happy! I will post more when we get home on Wednesday. I still have a ton of people to see here in AZ so I will be busy for the next few days!
Later dudes
One sunny L

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Land of the Sun Here We Come!!!

We are leaving in the morning to head home to AZ and let me just say yeehaw!! I can't say how excited I am to go to AZ and see my sons and family...and eat some good Mexican food and spend some time with my best friends!!! The sun is calling me home..and I am coming! They say it has been raining in AZ, I hope it stops before we get there! I have seen enough rain to last a lifetime. The dog is taken care of and we have friends who are willing to give us a ride to the airport...thank goodness someone leaves later than us (Dave & Elise you guys rock)! We have school age children and can never take off as early as the rest of the students so we usually become the airport shuttle service...we don't mind...better yet I usually offer Cory so...Cory doesn't mind!
I have nothing done in preparation and I am starting to feel the panic settling in...I am such a last minute girl!!!
Well I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas...I hope everyone is as lucky as we are and get to spend the holidays with family and friends.
Stay warm my PA friends and see you next year!
One soon to be sunny L

Monday, December 08, 2008

I was tagged

It appears I was tagged on Amy O blog and I just recently found out because I check her blog on a weekly basis because she is a ....random blogger, especially now that she has become a facebook participant.
Here goes!

favorite show- House, The Hills, (Lets face it I am a sucker for any reality show), Heros, Army wives, Starter Wife and Lost when it is actually on!
favorite ice cream- Hagan Das sticky toffee pudding and HD chocolate peanutbutter.
favorite candy- Canadian licorice (black or red)
favorite cleaner- Magic freaking Eraser...its like...magic!!!
weird fact #1- I never keep anything crafty that I make...I constantly want to take it apart and redo it.
weird fact #2- My armpits never thing of Secret could last a year or more.
weird fact #3- I love peanut M & M's but I only eat the candy coating and spit out the peanut.
fast food or homemade- homemade...especially when it is in someone else's home.
favorite holiday-Christmas...come on it is the season of giving!!!!
mac or pc-PC, I agree with Amy O. mac users are weird! (sorry Michelle)

Ok now I tag Kaylene, Radene and Brook

Happy Posting
One L

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Party Day

Dene had her party today and let me just say I didn't have fun, but Dene said she did. It was a comedy of errors from the beginning and I am just glad it is over. It sounded like such a fun idea except none of these girls had the slightest idea what to do...well except for Dene and Jonece.
Maybe I expect too much...maybe I am not the ideal teacher for 8 year olds. Well lets just start with the topper of the friend Mandi was going to be my helper since Cory and scrapbooking Never occur in the same sentence in anyone's reality. Mandi's husband is a fireman and just as she was getting ready to come to my place her husband got a call and he had to go...and so did my sanity. The thought of fourteen little girls with glue and scissors and only me was daunting, but I had to press on there was no alternative.
I was clear...double sided tape for paper and glue for the heavier stuff like chipboard. Did anyone pay attention...NO! Paper that looked like waves from the enormous amount of glue and chipboard pieces held down with tape. How does a huge puddle of glue come from being told to use tiny dots on the edges? How does put this aside until the end mean glue it to the front of the scrapbook now? Who would have thought that I would have to explain that double sided tape goes on the back of the photo not on the front? I quit...seriously I will never, I repeat never undertake anything like this ever ever again.
I felt like I was on a treadmill and it was going way to fast!
I was a recipe for disaster and I was more than a little frazzled with Cory out studying for finals. I should have been prepared for the chance that I had to do it alone. But regardless this was my last scrapbook birthday party I will ever do!
It feels good to vent and it even feels better knowing that none of the moms will ever read my blog! I don't want them to know what a huge failure I was. Dene's classmate's mothers think I am so crafty and I don't want to shatter the illusion.
On a positive note it is done and I won't have to plan another Birthday Party until April!
Now I just have to get through Enrichment on Tuesday and it is clear sailing all the way to AZ on the 19th! I am so excited...I can't wait to hug my boys and I haven't seen so many of my bestest friends in almost 2 years!!!!
I am off to bed to hopefully not have nightmares about the day and awake in the morning a nicer more loving person.
One L

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Over Doing It?

I know I am crafty but sometimes I think I go too far...Dene's birthday party invitations just might be one of those times.
She is having a Scrapalicious party where we will be making an 8 x 8 scrapbook so I made the invitation a little mini scrapbook!
I usually go all out and make homemade invites but I usually don't spend 10 to 15 hours on 12!
Well they are all done and sent off to school for turning back now! I have these great ideas but then when it comes to actually doing it I ask myself "what was I thinking?" If all 12 kids say yes that means I will have 14 little girls making scrapbooks at my house! Yikes! Lets hope some kids are busy this Saturday!
Have a great day!
One overachieving L