Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

I know I prayed for a snowy winter so the girls could sled and make snow angels...we were up to 12 days in a row with snow. I constantly remind myself to be careful what I pray for...because I usually get it! The snow is light and we really don't have that much accumulation in other words it is not packing snow. Cory has taken the girls sledding a couple of times and they have loved it. I have been sick with a cold that settled in my chest and I missed all the fun. But to be honest I wasn't that heart broken. I love watching the girls have fun but it has been so cold that it would have been chilly standing there watching.
Look at those rosy cheeks!

If you are following our count down to graduation...I have a sad reminder from "he who is responsible for us being here in the first place". Just because he graduates in May doesn't mean he can start working then or we can move then. I am not sure how it all works...Cory has tried to explain to me certification and which states accept what...but all I hear is blah blah blah we can't go home yet. He has applied for a few jobs in AZ, Nevada and Texas...say prayers that he gets an excellent offer around the valley! Right now he has an interview in Tuscon...kinda far from Gilbert but better than Texas!
Dreaming of AZ sunshine and all my friends and family there!
One Chilly L