Saturday, June 27, 2009

I took the girls to see the dentist (daddy) (as Cory would say "that's Dr. Daddy") and they both passed with flying colors even though the xrays were painful!

It looks like Cory is thinning out on top and let me assure all of you that is not true...I know I cut his hair and let me say it is as full as ever!
The girls were brave and well behaved and everyone at the school was super nice...I met a bunch of super cool ladies and a fellow scrapbooker...what are the odds?
Neither of them need any cavities filled but Cory is checking into getting...I can't remember what is is called...but its like a coating on the teeth to prevent cavities. It might not be covered so it is just a maybe at this point.
That is all for now
love and stuff
One L

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cory's Day

What can you get for a hard working, loving father when you have no money? Make him a homemade card with his favorite chocolate bars and candy...he loved it!
We invited Radene, Justin and their boys over for a Saturday father's day celebration filled with lots of food and special treats.
Of course they had to sing...made me cry but Cory held up just fine. How can anyone have that song sung to them and not break down into tears I don't know.

All in all we had a great day on Saturday and spoiled Cory...Sunday we tried to make it a little quieter and more relaxing so we celebrated alone and Cory had was a great weekend.
We called our fathers and pondered on how blessed we are to have our fathers.
I hope all the fathers out there felt the love!
One blessed L

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Projects

I have been busy making bracelets and earrings and I have sold a bunch...I wish I had taken pictures because I really loved some of them and can't remember exactly how they looked.

I am obsessed with brown rignt now and as I go I seem to be using bigger and bigger beads!
It is hard to see the detail but this blue one really sparkles...every once and a while I stray from the brown and make one with some other color in it!

I finished these letters for a friend and though I swore I wouldn't do these anymore I couldn't resist a girly "chatterbox" (paper manufacturer) name!

I am really happy how these turned out...especially the K.

This bead is acutally a nut shell...very chic...I actually made it with someone in mind but she hasn't come over to pick a bracelet yet...Libby...I made a few that I thought you might like but sold 3 of them last week...hurry girl!

Last but not least this is my favorite bracelet I have ever made...the beads are way more expensive that the ones I usually buy but I really liked the color and shape so I bought them anyway! I usually sell my bracelets for 5 to 7 bucks but I won't part with this for less than 15!!! I put my favorites at a higher price so no one will buy them but all my other favs have sold so I am puttling this one way high!!!!
have a great day everyone!
One chic L

Camping Keystone

We went camping with some friends from Dental school and the Armstrongs (new to the ward) and fishing in the lake was by far the favorite activity for all the kiddos. I can't believe the girls would rather fish than play with the fire!
Many a fish were caught and returned to the lake for future fun and recreation...hopefully they all survived hook removal.

Dene's favorite thing to do is play with the babies and they were in abundance in the campground! I wonder where they get their love of babies from?

I think when we have some money we have to invest in some fishing rods for the girls!

some of the fish were actually pretty big but usually just the perfect size for little kids to reel in!
Thats all for now,
One smokey L

Friday, June 12, 2009

Piano Recital

Both girls (mostly Jonece) were excited to show how much they have learned during this last year in Piano...Elasha is a wonderful teacher! I am not sure where Jonece gets her talent or drive I just know it is not from me. She will practice without being asked unlike Dene who reacts like I am asking her to stick a needle in her eye.

Dene's is a faster version of the piece...Dene is not that much into performing...she just wanted to get it over with! Yikes I just ended a sentence in a preposition! My father would be so dissappointed.

I love my girls!

One lucky L

Sunday, June 07, 2009

And Who is the Lucky Winner(s)?

Libby Jones and Nancy Martinez
Congratulations to both of you...I decided to have 2 winners.
Nancy I will mail a cute bracelet and earring set and I know your wrist size!
Libby you will have to come over and choose your own...I have several different sizes and styles to choose from.
Thanks everyone who came for Cafe Rio lunch...someone left their Hummer.
Let me know if you have misplaced your toy.
One spicy L