Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cory did it! the day has come and he is now Dr. Cory Thompson...but he hates when we call him that.
We were so lucky to have so many of our family and friends make it to Pittsburgh to celebrate this day with us.
This is a shot of everyone except Jackie...the photographer and my sister Angie.

Doesn't he look handsome, even if he is making fun of everything. He couldn't wait to go home and change and just have a BBQ with our friends and family. No pomp or circumstance in this man.
It was totally fun having everyone here...even when it was hectic it was fun.
Now comes the sad part...saying good bye to the friends we have made here in Pittsburgh...I will miss them.
One L

Monday, May 10, 2010

We had the chance to go to the Science Center with our good friends and we spent most of our time at the sports building.

Rock climbing was fun.

But the went on the roller coaster simulator...and that was their favorite activity.
My favorite was the never ceases to amaze me the things the men and women of the military suffer to keep us all safe...thank you!
One L

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bucket List

We are moving in less than a month and I have to resign myself to the fact I am not going to see the beach or take the girls to Disney World or go inside the Washington Temple or visit NY or see the Liberty Bell in Philli or go to Hershy or go to a Pens game or spend a Sat morning at the Strip or see Amish country or ride the incline...I have wasted so much time being cheap.
I tell myself that once we are settled and have a good portion of student loans under control we can come back and do all that stuff without guilt for spending money we don't have! Seriously...I am sorry I didn't make Cory do all these things even if we had to borrow extra money and be in debt FOREVER. I don't know if we will ever do any of the things I wanted to do...can you really ever go back?
I know I will visit Pittsburgh again...I have some friends here I am not willing to forget. Also there is Giovanni' he my Italian love interest? No but I do feel a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I walk into his place. The best Italian food made by a Greek person in the whole world. I will dream about his pizza and sandwiches for the rest of my life.
On a happier note graduation is next Saturday and my sister Caroline and Cory's mom and my friend Jackie are flying here from AZ and we are so excited to have them. My parents are driving down from Canada on Saturday for the festivities as well. I love having company...I really do! I am especially excited to have my sister has been so hard being so far away from someone you love...and we have always been close in heart but now we can actually look forward to dinners together and swappin kids and girl's nights out and weekends scrapping and family up the kazoo. That thought makes me happy. I need my family (that includes Cory's family) around...I think it is medicine for the soul.
I am sad to leave PA on some levels but to be honest I am deeply overjoyed to be going home. I don't get attached to places so much because we moved so many times when I was growing up but I do get attached to people...but that is what facebook and blogging and cell phones and plane rides are for...seeing people you love.
I love my AZ friends and I love my PA friends and now it is time to switch places.
Later dudes
One AZ bound L