Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Devine Memories Forums

I was so sad to see that DM closed their was my way to stay informed and feel close to my friends in AZ. I guess this means I will have to update my blog more often. I guess I could do that.
The girls have about another week of school here in PA and they are looking forward to a fun filled summer. Chris is coming for a visit the first week of August and Tara is coming too...I just love Tara. We are spending a week at a Aug. (Cory has the whole month off) and I am hoping to come and visit in AZ for about 5 days...I have to smoosh my new niece Sadie. As soon as the flight is booked I will try and get a crop going.
I have decided to make a scrapbook of my mother's life...while she is still here to fill in the blanks and tell the stories. I desperately need Care's help...I know I am an fairly good scrapper but I take FOREVER to do my personal pages because I want it to...sing to me!
The girls have their dance recital this Saturday and I am so excited...they are so cute in their very expensive costumes.
I haven't decided what they will do next year besides piano lesssons (Jonece doesn't want to take dance again next year)...I think gymnastics. They have swim lessons this summer and a bunch of weekend trips so I am hesitant to sign them up for anything during the summer months.
We are planning a trip to Palmyra this summer for the pagaent and I can't wait to see the girls faces when the volcanoes erupt and stuff...I remember the boys thought it was so very cool.
Well later ya all and miss you.
One L

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Miss Cory's Parents

It was so nice to have Cory's Mom and Dad here with us in was a treat to have family around. You take it for granted when family is always there but when you get to be around family only on holidays and special occasions it truely is a wonderful time.
Another positive of having family come and visit is you get another perspective of the area you live in...Karen and Norm really enjoyed the greenery and the many rivers. I guess if I was hard pressed to say something nice about PA I would have to mention the water all around...not just the constant rain but the many creeks and rivers. I also love the brick roads (not so much to drive on but they are pretty to look at). Can you believe it???? I actually said two nice things about PA. before you know it I will want to stay...NOT!
One L