Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mishmash and Giveaway

First my son Chris whose hair was the longest of all my children cut off all his gorgeous locks!
I will miss his long hair but I do wish he would trim up that beard!!! He says he is just too lazy and hates to shave...but come on what would the men in our lives say if we used that excuse...I know Cory would never look at me the same just knowing I could braid my underarm hair...yikes that even sounds nasty.
We went to a little BBQ and look at how big Oakley is getting!! All bundled up in the snuggly blanket her mommy made for her!

Here is a shot of Rachelle and cute little Landon...ok maybe "little" might be pushing it...he looks like he can carry his mom soon...he is such a tall boy!

Dene is being tossed around and loving every minute of it! Dave will be throwing his own daughter around a fun loving way ofcourse!

I have been making jewery like a crazy person and loving every minute of it! I give them to my friend Mandi and she sells them...its a win win relationship.

I have noticed I am enjoying the bulky beads and the double and triple strand bracelets moreso than the single strands. is so fun to make these things I just wish the beads and findings were cheaper.

So the giveaway is...leave a post and the winner will recieve a be announced.
You must be fast...drawing will be Friday June 5th at 9:00 am.
If you live far away I will mail it to you.
Smooshes and good luck!
One crafty L

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trip to AZ

First and most importantly we attended Greg's wedding...and let me just say it was lovely. I am so glad Sarah's family was on the ball and organized everything because it went off like clockwork. I know when it comes my turn to plan and organize a wedding I will be freaking out but Sarah's mom was so together.
In N out is always a favorite hamburger in all of the United States of America...I like 5 Guys fries more but I just love In N Out burgers!
My son Chris was there and doesn't he look dapper? Jonece and Dene were lovely little flower girls...except they started to bicker about the rose petals half way up the aisle.
This is my son Greg and his wife Sarah and my sister Caroline (not Caroling...sorry sis) at the rehearsal was catered by Texas Road House!
Lastly, for this post anyway are the two cutest flower girls in the history of weddings...OK I might be a bit bias...they did a great job and loved being a part of it all!
stay tuned for the next post which includes Chris chopping off his long hair and giving his luscious pony tail to Locks of Love...and of course some friends and family we hung out with after the wedding.
We are still suffering from jet lag and all we want to do is go to sleep!
later dudes
One L

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Week to Remember

This week if filled with stuff!!

My friend Elise had her sweet baby girl on the 9th...a c-section after a long hard labor...those are so cruel!
My last Enrichment as enrichment leader is this Tues night...I am a Sunday School teacher for the 17/18 year olds!!!
We are flying out to AZ Thursday night...we don't land until 11:00pm...and Gecko Grill will not be open...bummer!
So many of my sweet friends are moving this week! I will miss them... but mostly their babies (that are not babies anymore)
My son gets married on Saturday...I wish I was more excited...but the thought of spending Friday and Saturday with my ex husband is less than thrilling. I am trying very hard to focus on the positives.
I will get to see my sister Caroling and all her sweet kiddos, and ofcourse all of Cory's family.
My sister Angie is flying in for the wedding so I will get to spend some time with her too!
We stay till Tuesday so I hope to see a few of my friends as many friends so little time!
Jonece and Dene are in the wedding as flower girls...they look angelic in their dresses.
My baby 22 year old getting married and he is so happy and excited...what more could a mother ask for?
I will get to eat some decent Mexican food!
These are some of the positives I will focus on...and when we get back I have absolutely nothing in the calendar for weeks and weeks and weeks!
So I will have to plan some fun/free summer activities so I can stress about something because what the heck would I do without a full plate of responsibilities and events?
I have the cutest pictures to post but will wait until next time.
One stressed out L

Saturday, May 02, 2009

No pictures

I feel so lame posting without a picture...I am not naive enough to think that anyone wants to hear my spews of verbage. I know its all about the pictures! I was even thinking about faking some pictures re: my week thus far because I didn't take any...why you ask? I really hate my camera! Its old and the pictures almost never turn out. It might be that I suck as a photographer...but I am trying to convince myself that a better camera would solve all my problems. This summer I have Mother's Day, my 11year anniversary, and my birthday so maybe I can coax Cory into getting me a new camera for all three combined. I won't hold my breath...summer is such a poor (financially) time. The people who say money can't buy happiness are ususally rich! I think money can't make you happy if you are generally a miserable person...or money can't make you feel loved and important...or money can't bring peace and joy into your life...but who do they think they are can buy stuff and stuff can bring happiness!!
This week has been a fun ended on a happy note...Radene's shower. Everything went easy and turned out cute...if I do say so myself! I loved my little party favors...candy in a bag in a little pretty paper fold over purse thingy tied with ribbon. I am thinking ahead to future birthday parties and stuff. I will have to take a picture of her invites and the favors for all my friends who didn't get to see them in person...still pictures are generally easier for me than the others...involving people and light and all that crap!
Greg's wedding is just 2 weeks away and we are leaving for AZ on the 14th and I am excited to see my family and friends!
I finally found a dress for the wedding! my neighbor brought over 2 formal dresses she wore to her children's weddings and said I could have them! Thank you Heavenly Father...I just couldn't find one I liked at a price I could pay and I love the dress from my neighbor and it was free! I will remind Cory that I got the dress for free when I bring up the new camera again...he he he...always thinking.
I feel very blessed this week I have a wonderful family that I love to pieces and so many good friends that bless my life everyday...and it's Stake Conference tomorrow (usually that means attendance is optional for us) but we are excited to go!
We will be done by noon and I am making a turkey for dinner...Cory's favorite...I have to start early buttering him up for the camera and nothing works better than turkey!
love and all that jazz my friends and sorry for the lack of photos.
One sweet L