Friday, December 28, 2012

has it really been a year...Ok I officially suck at blogging

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 here we come!

Christmas this year was so was nice to have a little money to buy the kids presents but what made it best was that we stayed home and Greg came to spend a week. It would have been perfect if Chris could have come but he works and only got 2 days off. I loved hearing the kids goof around with each other...gosh I love my kids so much!
My sister in law Ashli's mom always said she wanted to live on a compound with all her children and their families and to be honest I thought she was crazy (she has 12 kids) but I get it now...I think that would be heavenly to have all 4 kids within cooking distance.
I got a Ninja blender for Christmas and proceeded to cut my finger on the blades...they are super sharp people...those ninja are tricky! I also got a GPS for my car...I should name her like Rochelle and Tyson did...any suggestions? I love not feeling afraid of getting lost...I lived with that fear everyday. I have nightmares that I accidentally end up in Juarez and can't get back into the US because I don't have my passport. Am I showing my crazy bits? So be it...I am what I am.
Jonece got a tablet and we barely see her anymore...she loves it so much. Dene got a Kindle Fire and we are hoping it awakens a love of reading but I am afraid it will just open up a love of fruit ninja.
My new calling in RS is so time consuming but rewarding beyond measure...I sure do love the ladies in our ward. As I get older I appreciate my elders and really enjoy spending time with them. They have such a history and they are so appreciative of our time.
I have a curse...almost every friend I feel a kindred spirit with...well her husband is either in the Bishopric or ends up being called as Bishop or in the Bishopric. It is crazy how often that happens. My friend Camille...her husband is an oral surgeon...was just called as Bishop in their ward...well at least it is not my you know how hard it is calling someone Bishop after you know them as their first name?
For years I just wanted to get out of do feel a little disconnected at times...and now all I want is back in...the kids are where it is at for sure! The stress levels are way less and those kids are so full of love and goodness you miss their energy when you have been in RS for a long time. I know I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am called to do so I am not complaining just reminiscing.
I was hoping for a new camera for Christmas but no luck...I will have to be better this next year. There is always my birthday in Aug. too. Dene got a camera from Santa this year...maybe she will let me borrow it.
I hope everyone knows how much I love much I miss often I think of often I pray for them...and how I hope to see them all soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a superb New Year!
One L

Monday, September 12, 2011

We Are Alive

No pictures but I thought I should post everyone knows we are alive and well and living in Las Cruces.
Cory has settled in to the 4 day work week like a champ, he enjoys the dentistry but not so much the office politics. I told him when you work with a bunch of women the drama drama drama is just a part of life. He has decided that when he buys his own practice when his contract is over he will hire mostly men.
Jonece is in middle school, she has a cell phone, a cute new haircut, a fun bunch of friends and she is really liking school. She hates the constant swearing and can't figure out why the "cool" kids are the ones with the trash mouths.
Dene is again surrounded by sweet babies and loving every minute of it, she loves her new teacher who incidentally doesn't yell and I love her too. Dene has made some new friends too and she has overcome her allergy to chores.
The girls are growing up and so many people say enjoy this age because they grow up so fast...blah blah blah. It is true that they grow up fast but I love it, I love watching them move from one stage to another. Jonece is starting the teenager years and I can see the mood swings but along with the mood swings come the growth and I love watching her grow into a woman I would be proud to know.
I still love me some babies and there is no shortage in that department in this new ward...I especially love handing them back to their parents when I am done. I love the freedom Cory and I now babysitters and we can take off for a date here and there whenever we want.
I am busy with my new calling...counselor in RS...I have a new respect for those who have served in this capacity...I am loving it but I spend hours each day doing it.
I have given up the idea of working outside the home for now...I get home from dropping Jonece off at school and Dene is home in about 5 hours. Cory and I don't want them home alone for hours and eventhough I was willing to work nights Cory didn't like that idea much. So I will do crafts from home and try not to lose my marbles. I really love working...people telling me how talented I am and all that crap...its such an ego boost. I am toying with the idea of taking some courses here at the times that won't interfere with me being home for the girls.
I don't hate the apt. but I don't love either...I just wish we were more a city we could call home. A place where we would be happy to live forever. A place where Cory could have his own practice. We thought Cruces had so many opportunities but since we have moved here 5 other dentists have moved into our ward...crazy!!! so there might not be as huge a need for a dentist here but on a positive note...I really love all the guys and their wives. We have had a few dinners together and it has been a blast. I wish we had a place that was more company friendly but right now inviting more than just a few people over at a time is too many.
I will try and include some pics of the girls next post...won't be tomorrow but I won't leave it too long...promise.
Love yins
One L

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broken camera

Well Cory dropped the camera on moving day...and it is kaput! I wanted a new one anyway but there are so many things I needed that since I had a perfectly good camera it seemed frivolous to ask for a new one. Summers are great because they have Mother's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. So its added to the list. I don't know how to put photos from my phone on my blog so "onelmichele" will be photoless until I get a new one.
Quick update...not loving Las Cruces so the mountains, love the wind, love the rent...but I am scared that the ward doesn't hold as many super cool possible friend like people like Tucson had. I hope I am not having another burgh thing took me forever to make a friend but mostly because I left the most amazing friends in I think I was mostly to blame...I couldn't let myself get attached because I knew it was only temporary. I have to stop thinking of LC as temporary (even though I think it is) or I will never make a friend here.
We just spent the last 4 days in the valley and it was so much fun. A couple of days with my sister Caroline and her family, spent time with Cory's family, ofcourse the boys and then 2 days with my friend Sherida. My girls are so attached to her family...they love them to do I. So I guess being only 4 hours away is totally doable. We will see eachother often.
I want to take the girls to Pittsburgh this summer and see all our friends there...we will see how the money situation goes.
Love to all
One interstate L

Monday, May 02, 2011

Jonece's Solo and Birthday

Jonece turned 12 and is now in Young Womens and growing up way too fast for Cory. I love that she is almost a teenager and getting ready for junior high and then high school. I know some people had a hard time in high school but for me it was so much fun. I hope my girls have as positive experience as I did.

Jonece got a part in her school play where she was Snow White...who wins the award for best female vocalist. Its kind of hard to hear her...but she did great!
We are moving in two weeks and I am on tract to be packed up and ready to go.

Love One L

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Let me clarify not a loser of weight...a loser at blogging.
A lot has been going on and I can't believe I didn't even blog once in over a month...that is just wrong. I know I get frustrated with my friends when they don't blog for weeks...sorry if anyone cares.
Well Cory has lived in El Paso these past 3 weeks and he and I have decided that he really doesn't want to live we are moving to Las Cruces NM sometime this month or next.
Seeing him on weekends has been hard, we really do miss him during the week. I try to keep busy so I don;t miss him too much. Weekends are too short. I am surprised that I am OK with doing this living apart thing for another month or so...I really thought I would be a mess.
The girls are growing up so fast...Jonece will be 12 on the 17th...I will have a YW in the house...a babysitter...a working girl who can make some serious cash!
Dene is as always our emotional one...I love that she wears her heart on her sleeve but I need her to be OK about her daddy being gone during the week...It has been 3 weeks and she still cries her eyes out when he goes and cries at night wanting him to come home.
We have health insurance now...yeah! I hate that scary feeling that if anything huge happened we would be devastated, not only emotionally but financially too! But thank goodness for this great job opportunity that comes with great benefits.
AS for my weight my plans are on hold...I have heard about this new surgery call "The Sleeve" it is like half a GB without the bypass. I have met a few people who have had it done and I think it might be a help for me...just thinking about it.
I miss my friends...I will miss my friends here in Tucson. It is ironic that we have lived here for only 10 months and I have made some wonderful friends here that have been amazing. (It took forever in PA)
There are so many fun people I have barely gotten to know and feel kind of jipped that don't have more time.
I sure hope Las Cruces has half as many potential besties.
Well I promise to be a better blogger and post some pics of my Young Woman...LOL
Love yins
One L

Friday, February 11, 2011

No Comment

That is my answer to the weight is a struggle and I hate every minute of it. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to blog about it, I don't want to think about it. It makes me feel like a loser. I have some big things going on in the next few months so I am taking a break from stressing about it.
Cory took the job in New Mexico and it looks like we will be moving to El Paso Texas in the spring. The girls are so very sad about the move, they really love it here in Tucson. They will love El Paso too I am sure. So another move in less than a year...yuck.
I seem to be crazy busy doing nothing much. I have taught a few classes here and there but really just a stay at home mom.
I am hoping to bring the girls with me to the Burgh for a visit this spring many wonderful people we left there...and miss more than I thought was possible.
That is all for now. Don't judge me re: the weight thing.