Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now The Real Fun Begins

The house is under contract after one short day on the market...we have a closing date of June Cory has to find a job.
These last few months it has been my job to get the house ready to sell and stage it and clean it and show it. Now my job is done and I can sit back and let go...everything is out of my hands now. Cory has job interviews that I know he will ace. He has a few things left to finish by the end of April in order to graduate on time. All the pressure lies squarely on his shoulders now and to be honest I am OK with that.
I want to move back to AZ but really...the world will not end if we have to spend a few years in Nevada or Texas. Its all up to Cory now.
Once Cory gets a job then I have to spring back into action and find a place to live. If he gets one of the jobs in AZ I know I will have lots of help in finding a rental...and eventually a house to buy. Then I will have the daunting task of buying some furniture and shopping for stuff...and you all know how much I hate shopping...NOT.
Life is good today
I hope you are all well and now that I am no longer under the gun I will have time for more fun keeping in touch with my friends.
love you all
One content L

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Time flies

Now that I am under the gun to get the house ready to show and finish all those last minute projects time is just flying by!
There are so many things I haven't done that I wanted to do here in PA and time is running out. I have scratched so many things off my bucket list because of taking the girls to Disney World. But I would still love to take them to the beach...there are so many nice ones in North and South Carolina...that is doable.
New York is still a possibility but again it depends on money...I hate that!
I have been so focused on getting out of the burgh...I forgot one thing...I can't take my friends here with me. I will miss so many people here...and no amount of sunshine will make that go away.
I have focused on the things I will not miss, like the roads, the Mexican food, the weather, the drivers, the parking and did I mention I will not miss driving here in any form?
I forgot all the things I love...I love my friends...I love my house...I love my neighbors...I love the food, I love my calling, I love Cory's calling and having the Missionaries over all the time. Its all so sad.
Why can't I have everything?
Why did I grow to love so many people here...haven't I learned how much it hurts to leave knowing you will never live there again? I tried to keep everyone at arms length...but dang it they slowly crept into my heart with their cute babies and big hearts. Some have left me already but now I am doing the leaving. Its so hard to keep in touch with everyone!
I hate you for making me love you! Now I will have to come back and visit...and endure more long distance friendships.
I am not crying...I am not crying.
I have to go blow my nose.
Love to all
One sad L