Friday, February 16, 2007

I am SOOO done

I am so done with this weather, I am tired of the snow, ice and the wind chill factor. The kids are still loving it, they can't get enough of the white fluffy stuff. The dang groundhog is such a liar... early spring my butt. The roads are down right treacherous and I have had so many near misses when it comes to car accidents. ABS brakes are incredibly annoying and they make you feel like you are sliding AND you have no brakes. They have no place to but the snow that they plow so the already narrow roads become single lanes... and people park on the street everywhere because no one and I mean no one has ample parking. Can you tell I am not happy right now? I remind my self that come summer time when we are camping and hangin out on the rivers and lakes that are everywhere I will be happy...I might just be fooling myself but I can live with that. Well I think that is it for my vent.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

The girls were ready bright and early to go sledding but we were snowed in on our street., so they improvised and started at the top of the driveway and went all the way down the backyard and they had a blast. I even went down twice but I smashed into the swing set and bruised my left side and my left arm will never be the same...I am getting too old for this stuff. No school today and it looks like school will be cancelled again tomorrow, that makes 4 snow days this winter so far. Don't they know how much I need time away from my sweet children. Dene is out by 11:00am so it is only a few precious hours all by myself and I treasure them.

Cookie has had a love hate relationship with the snow... she loves running around in it and digging her nose into it but she hates when it gets between her toes. She totally looks like a bunny hopping through the snow...I sure hope the hawks don't think so too.

We have freezing rain tonight and everything has a thick sheet of ice on it so everything looks shiny and new...but when I tried to go next door to bring them some fresh homemade rolls I just about flew there...yikes.

I was hoping that this string of severe weather would make Cory less entralled with PA but so far he still love it here...but we re not staying regardless!

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