Saturday, July 29, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed

This is a picture of the girls on the merry go round at Disney Land. I thought this an appropriate picture because we have felt like our lives have been on a very fast Merry go Round and we want OFF!!!

Finally we received an offer we can accept on the house...they are getting a killer deal but it is worth it to us even if it is just to not have to stress about it anymore. We will look at the offer in the morning and I will update if all goes well.

We have a date when we will be heading out to PA. It is the 20th of August. I am so glad I will be able to spend my 40 something th birthday with my sister, my family and my friends. I didn't want the get together on the 3rd to be the last time we get together before I go. We are renting a truck and Cory is driving and we might be following him in the Tuscon, or me and the girls will fly and he will tow the car. Anyone free to help load a truck? There will be Texas Sheet Cake in it for any and all who can spare a few minutes.

I will post the recipe for the "famous" cake and I want promises that it will be made and you will think of recipe.

I also promise when we are in Pittsburgh to update my blog at least every other day...I know I get perturbed when my friends don't update their blogs for weeks!

One L

Thursday, July 20, 2006

More than Meets the Eye

I like to think we are like this iceburg...what you see is only a hint of what lies beneath. I have some really deep friends and family.
I stress over what not to say here on my blog, not speaking to anyone in particular gives one a certain amount of freedom to just say whatever is on your mind. I have to be careful...thank goodness for the backspace key!
Update on the house, we have had people come through and see the house everyday this week. Three on Monday 2 on Tuesday and just one today. If this pattern holds we will have a day off tomorrow.
Ok don't anyone tell my husband but dang it was hot today! Not that I am complaining about the heat because I would take the heat over the humidity and snow and ice any day of the week. I had to drive my husbands car for about 2 miles (it has no air conditioning) and I don't know how he takes this piece of sh#@ to work everyday and home again in the heat. It was just plain awful. I think I understand his ardent desire to move out of is that dang car. If I had just figured this out a year ago I would have insisted we get a car with air in it. Maybe then he would have chosen a Dental school closer to AZ. Bummer.
One L

Monday, July 17, 2006

Clean Kitchen

Well, we had our first Open House this past Saturday and no one came...not one single soul. I went to bed and cried for a couple of hours, but then I decided to look on the bright house is spotless. My family is healthy and I am blest with so many wonderful friends and family. We dropped our asking price 11,000.00 because we need to sell it NOW! I hope this house takes as good care of another family like it has us. I know someone will fall in love with it if they just come and see it for crying out loud.
Speaking of the bright side, I love my new kitchen table, when you add the leaf it seats six no problem. I hope you can see the picture as it is my first time posting one, thanks Amy for the quick lesson. On the right in the picture you can see the new computer hutch we got at IKEA and let me say when they say some assembly required they mean it is like a puzzle and good luck putting it all together. Cory is a handy man and had all the right tools but dang it took him forever to put that desk together. Pray that we all survive this process and that someone comes and sees the house. Thank you my friends I love you all.
One L

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What a Fun Day

I was shoved from my happy sleep state into the world of the living at around 5:00 am by our soon to be de-barked dog (just kidding), but the day turned out to be a fun one despite it's beginnings.
We met friends at C. Cheese for mediocre pizza and 240 tokens later we had a plastic ring, a squishy frog, a necklace and some smarties. Just watching the girls having so much fun does wonders for the mother's soul.
Swimming at a friends house...ok the kids and Cory went swimming while I drooled on her couch. Remember I was up before 5:00 am, I needed a snap (short nap).
Dinner...Buca di Beppo...let me just say one word...garlic, ok two words...yummy garlic.
Then to Devine Memories for a fun class taught by the Devine Ms M herself. Let me just say how impressed I am...she is an amazing, patient teacher who just goes with the flow. When I am teaching a class and something goes wrong or I don' t have what I need...I simply have a breakdown and feel like I cannot continue. The metal that gets framed was giving us a hard time and she just smiles and makes it work...class under pressure. Now that is an attribute to aspire to attain.
Home now and ready for bed...almost ready.
One L

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quick update re:Xray and EKG

We got the results of Dene's EKG and all looks normal...whew! let me tell you I was sweating that one. My foot on the other hand needs more attention. They saw a spur on the bone and I have to go see a pediatrist...they are not sure if the trauma of the box landing on it created the spur or my walking funny after I hurt it caused the spur. Oh well, over all the news was good. No cast for me and Dene' s heart is fine.
One L

Hump Day

Isn't that what they call Wednesday? Because after working till 8:30 I am too tired for anything else. I love Wednesdays because that means only one more day till Friday. Cory doesn't have to work on Fridays he just goes in for some overtime...that means he is home by 10:00am just when the rest of us are ready to rock and roll.
I know it has only been a week and a half but no offers on the house yet...I am trying not to freak more week and then I will start to freak out. We might have to rent in Pittsburgh at biggy. Then we will have more time to find the perfect house and we won't be so rushed.
I just hate the thought of the girls having to switch schools twice in the same year...and it kindergarten for Dene.
Cory is very excited to quit work...he says he works with the cesspool of humanity, and can't wait to get out of there. For example, one lady was having an affair with a 19 year at work and got pregnant with his child and left her husband and moved in with this teenager and proceeded to step out on him with another guy she works with. I am so glad I never have to deal with that kind of drama where I work...mostly it is just excitment over opening boxes and the smell of new books.
One L

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another day another Ultram

That is the name of the anti inflammitories the Dr. gave me but they have a narcotic in them and when I take them I am what you might say...stoned. I am supposed to take one in the morning and one at night but I cannot function... or drive under the influence so I only take it at night. It is helping my foot, and the swelling is pretty much gone, I just hate feeling loopy.
I worked last night and it was supposed to be a small group so I said I could work it alone...yikes what was I thinking. My foot was huge by the time I went to bed. What a nice group of ladies...we did have a blast. I will miss working the late night crops and the friends I have made, who would have thought there are so many super cool and fun people in the world?
I had a thought... we could charge 40.00 once a month for the crop and that would pay for really nice food and my flight to come and work never know?
One L

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now we sit and wait

I thought it was rough trying to get the house ready but this waiting for someone to buy it is going to be the end of me. We just got the sign on our lawn tonight and it has only been on the market for 5 days and already I am beginning to sweat.
No one has ever accused me of being patient and I don't pray for patience any more because the Lord just gives me opportunities to attain it. I want patience and I want it NOW!!!
I will give it another week and then I will sweat.
The girls are driving me crazy, all their friends are in Utah for a couple of weeks and they are not enthused with the idea of spending the day with mom...Just a few short months ago they would have loved to spend the day with me.
I finally went to the Dr about my foot, he gave me some pills that are supposed to help with the swelling but have a narcotic in it too...X rays tomorrow, after Dene has her EKG. I am sure Dene will be fine and so will my foot.
I'll let you all know.
One L

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Life is funny, as of Monday morning we were celebrating Independence Day with just our little family. Then we received 4 invitations to BBQ and watch fireworks by Monday at 1:00pm. We were kinda committed to staying close to home because others were counting on it. Not that we have any illegal fireworks or anything of that nature...cause that would be wrong. So we could only accept 2 invites and we are going to be sooo full. The girls are such social butterflies they are happy to be anywhere where there are other fun nice children.
On a personal note I am proud to have an American husband who loves his Country and two American daughters who are being raised in an amazing country that gives them the opportunity and freedom to be anything they set their minds to being. Both my sons have decided to become American citizens and that makes me very proud. So the question remains will I become an American citizen? Will I have to give up saying sorry with an "O"? Will I have to stop saying "pardon me"? Will I have to start watching baseball on TV (instead of hockey)? Stay tuned.
One L

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Found a cute house in PA

I don't know if this will work but I wanted to try anyway, here is the web address for a house we really like I hope everyone can see all the different pictures. I love the yard, there is room for the trampoline and a new swingset.
One L

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It is done

Our real estate agents are coming tomorrow and they are taking pictures and the house will be officially for sale. What ever changes we were going to do are either done or we decided it wasn't that important after all. What a load off this is for me, right now I don't care if any one buys the house...OK that is a lie what I meant to say is I don't care if anyone comes and sees the house or not but it is clean and all the projects are done. Well almost, we are waiting for the guy to install the RV gate but that should be in the morning. I miss having a regular life, taking the girls to the park or to McDonalds. They have been farmed out almost everyday, thank goodness they are well liked and behaved like little angles or no one would have invited them back. I miss cooking dinner and just watching a movie with the kids.
Phase 2 has now begun, that means as soon as the house has an offer we have accepted Cory is back on a plane to Pittsburgh to look at 10 more houses and make our final decision. Then we get to pack, but I don't mind packing as long as it doesn't involve a paintbrush or laminate flooring I can deal.
I have to get Amy to teach me how to post pictures and then I can have some pictures to go with the words...and sometimes there are alot of words.