Saturday, March 28, 2009

100 cupcakes

I can't believe I didn't take a picture...I have been such a loser lately. I had my camera with me today and didn't take any pictures...none of the cupcakes, baby shower or the birthday party. My friend Mandi has 2 boys who share a birthday so she combines their party and has a huge one. She rented the Dormont Borough building and invited 75 kids. Jonece and Dene were included because they are good friends with the boys sister...instead of buying a gift I offered to make the cupcakes! How hard could it be? Well next time I am buying a gift!!! It took me forever to bake 100 cupcakes...and ofcourse I couldn't make them all the same. Why do I have to make everything harder than it has to be? I had to make special cupcakes for the grown ups and some white with white frosting and some white with chocolate frosting...some chocolate with white frosting and some chocolate with chocolate frosting...some funfetti...not to mention some with sprinkles some with none. The grownup ones had a mascapone and chocolate chip filling with strawberrys on top.
Well I had a fun time at the shower...even though I had to leave early to make it to the birthday party!
The birthday party was a zoo! All those little boys running around getting all sweaty. It smelled pretty ripe after only an hour. They had a dodge ball tournament with the kids against the grown ups and I sat it out (they may have been little 10 and 8 year old boys but they scared me) Cory was in his glory!!! What is it in men that they have to win? You should have seen these grown men pegging off those little kids with balls flying at record speeds. The kids way out numbered the grown ups but I only saw little kids crying with huge red patches on their faces and bodies! It was like they were out for blood!
I am glad I am a woman...and glad I can let the kids win and my whole world doesn't crash around me!
Sorry for the lapse in posting...I will take some pictures soon!
One L

Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Forward?

I have yet another reason to love AZ and wish I was there...daylight savings time! When they say spring forward it sounds almost fun...until you have to get up at 545 instead of 645. I don't mind going to bed earlier or eating an hour earlier but it takes me forever to adjust my internal clock to wake up so early. The only good thing about daylight savings time is the fall back part...I love getting that extra hour in the morning...I still wake up at the same time I just have an extra hour to get the girls to school and start the day. I wonder why AZ doesn't do daylight savings?
On a separate note my life is winding down somewhat...the baby shower was great...and the presents I made for the bridal shower turned out great...I always forget to take pictures of my finished products. Now I just have Enrichment on Tuesday and it is easy going for weeks.
The sun has actually come out to play on a few days and I feel my spirits lifting every time. It is raining today but there are four days of sun in the ten day forecast so I am not complaining.
Greg and Sarah's wedding is coming up in May and we got the girl's their flower girls dresses at Burlington Coat Factory. We have our flights booked but I still haven't found a dress I love yet.
The girls are excited about the whole wedding thing and looking forward to visiting AZ again so soon. I must admit I am looking forward to seeing everyone again...especially those I missed seeing at Christmas (Nancy)!
Well I better run...its Monday and I have a ton of things to do!
Love to everyone!
One L

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bad Timing

The forecast said we were going to have 10 consecutive days of sunshine and I thought it was time to stop my Seasonal Affect Disorder medicine but alas I was wrong!
Cory was still finishing up midterms and I had a stressful week ahead...what was I thinking?
Coming up in the next next week or so I have Elise's baby shower, Kelli's bridal shower, Enrichment, Girl's lunch, presents to make, parties to plan and no anti depressants and NO SUNSHINE!!! Did I mention it is colder than a well diggers butt?
I seriously feel sorry for my family...they have had the "not so stable" Michele and the "over reactive" Michele. Poor Jonece spilled water on the floor and didn't clean it up or let anyone know and I blew a gasket...I almost made her cry...I have apologized.
Cory keeps asking why I seem mad...because I hate the cold dreary winter!!! Did I mention I have had a sinus headache for 3 months?
So if I seem a little out of sorts or less than enthusiastic I promise I will be better long can winter last anyway? I guess one shouldn't say things like might make winter go right through to May!
If it wasn't such a pain taking a pill everyday I would just stay on the meds year round...I could never be a decent drug addict...I would always forget to take them, or forget to buy them.
Here's hoping we get some warm sunny days soon or Cory might start spiking my OJ!
One postal L