Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have been working on Rachelle M.'s baby shower invitations and I cannot decide which way to go. the two on the bottom that are entirely patterned paper are the...most involved, but I think they are the cutest. I also have a plain one, just blue, no patterned paper and it is the cheapest and the easiest but not the cutest. I have to make about 50 of them so I am torn...cute or easy? Or do I compromise and add a bit of paper like the one on top left or bottom right? I just cannot decide! I must also say that I have a hard time doing the same card twice...its a gift/curse, so whatever I decide there will be 50 some odd versions of it. Let me know which one do you like the best? Thanks for any help...or suggestions.
One L

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not So Grumpy Anymore

The weekend has revived me a bit and I am in a better frame of mind...and a kinder gentler Michele. Cory is no longer responsible for every bad thing that happened in our little world. We tried to have a quiet "family" weekend with no company and no errands. Cory was grounded from saying "I have to study" or "I have to read" and the girls had a blast asking daddy all sorts of questions trying to make him slip up and say one of the phrases he was not allowed to say. Cory is not an easy man to trick and as much as they tried he never had even a tiny slip up. He did say several times that he had to write his talk...and that was allowed. Cory spoke in church and did an excellent job...even though he was the final speaker and he started at 3 minutes to 10:00. He wasn't too broken up that he had shorten it at bit.
The girls had the day off from school and we bummed around all day. We had some super cute friends over in the morning and then played Halo all afternoon (Jonece and I, Dene hates Halo).
The week starts again in the morning and I hope this week is better for my family. We do have 2 drs appts, a follow up for Dene and the other requires stirrups (Yuk!) Other than that we are planning on a fun week with clear roads and good health.
One L

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cute Valentine Box

Someone suggested I post some pictures of the crafts I do...well this box I bought at Goodwill for a buck and Dene and I sanded it, painted it, added pretty paper and made it pretty for her class Valentines box contest...she won!

Winter Wonderland?

The girls may think its a winter wonderland but to me it is just a nightmare! This week has been just awful with all the snow and ice and school closing, drama, injuries and our picturesque brink road becomes a slippery slope.
The girls have gone sledding and built this miniature igloo and just love playing in the snow until there little bodies are frozen...then they come inside and put on jammies and wrap themselves in a blanket and request some hot cocoa.
Let go back and share my horrendous week thus far. I must say Monday was a good day, everyone was healthy and everyone went to school and I went to the gym. Tuesday they closed school for the day and usually this would be a fun day spent with the girls watching movies and making cookies but I got a call from a single mom I know that she accidentally sent her 8 year old daughter to school that morning and headed off to work and she was frantic to make sure she was OK. Well I had said that I would go and look for I quickly got dressed and the girls (still in their PJ's) and I jumped into the car. Well our road was a mess, it took us 15-20 minutes to get off our street but to my dismay the main drag was just as bad as our brick road. We went about 100 feet and I realized we were never going to make it to her street and I needed to try and get home. If the car got stuck the girls were not dressed to walk home. I turned around and called the mom and told her about the roads and she said she would head home on the train. She asked me to call the police when I got home to see if they could find her and I said I would. Another 20 min for us to inch our way back home (it takes about 2 minutes to walk the distance we drove) and the police were horrible. If this were a possible abduction the perp would have nothing to worry took about 15-20 minutes to speak to an actual police officer who was in a car and able to look for her. He was so mean to me...he treated me like I had done something wrong. While I was talking with the mean PO the mom came home and she went with him to search for the little girl. It all turned out OK she was found down the street at a house where the dad was outside shoveling snow when she walked by to go to school and he asked where she was going and he informed her that school was cancelled and took her in until he could reach her mom. Let me just say it was a good thing he was a good man...can you imagine? The drama...I cried with relief but then realized that if it had been an unhappy ending the police were inept and it made me so angry I made a few calls complaining about the police officer, phone system and the amount of time it took to get some action. That is just my Tuesday!!! Wednesday was horrible too. They didn't have a 2 hour delay and the roads were not salted and my lovely brink road was impossible to drive on. My neighbors couldn't make it up our little hill so I wasn't even going to try...I decided to wait a couple of hours. A couple of hours later they plowed and salted our street and I attempted to get the girls to school because lets face it one snow day is enough for me...the girls get on each other's nerves after so much time stuck together. It was scary but I got them there and went to get some groceries.
I had to get home and do a ton of stuff for the girl's Valentine's Day parties at school and I was an emotional wreck...I miss having a husband to lean on when the roads are bad or when a crisis arises. I called him and asked him to come home early...I needed him. he said he would try so I planned a nice dinner and when he couldn't come home early I was devastated...and proceeded to get angry at him... you know that irrational kind of angry like everything is his fault.
I promised the girls sledding that day after school and while getting everything ready I stepped on a piece of glass and sliced my heel open...a nice long deep gash! I couldn't get it to stop bleeding and finally just wrapped it and stuffed it into my boot and took the girls to the park. It was the icing on my misery cake. When I got back home Cory was home and was so nice to me I couldn't be mean to him anymore...until he clean my wound and used antiseptic...let me just say I saw white and I may have used some unladylike language!
Happy flippin Valentine's Day came next and well there was just nothing anyone could do for me...I just wanted this week to be over. Friday is finally here, that mean the weekend is just a snipit away and let me just say if I hear "I have to study" once this weekend I think I will scream!
There I think I am finished with my vent!
I hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day.
I remain...One cranky L

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sick Babies

I know she is 7 already and not a baby anymore but when she is sick and lying beside me with a high temperature she reverts back to being my little baby in a heartbeat. Dene has had a busy few weeks, she filly lost her "fake tooth" as she called was the one in the front that had a cap and was lighter than all the rest. It stood out like a Mormon in a coffee shop (except if its Starbucks because lets face it their scones and pastries rock!) Well she finally lost the snaggle tooth (Cory's affectionate term for her cap) and then she got sick. Fever and sore throat but after some Motrin she perks back up. She went to the doctor's yesterday and they took a swab of her throat, the doctor says she is dehydrated but she doesn't think it is white dots and her fever stays below 102. She is home from school again today and she is watching cartoons in my bed.
Jonece has no fever and her throat is fine...she has puked and has an awful cough. The other night she starting puking in her sleep...she is on the top bunk and the girls have the T shaped bunk beds so when she leaned over the railing to puke she did so all over her sleeping sister who woke up abruptly and was the one screaming for us to come.
I hate it when my kids are sick...I feel so food makes it all better. Well, I had better make sure they are drinking and doing OK.
Later dudes
One L