Sunday, October 22, 2006


It is getting chilly here is Pittsburgh. I wish we had a fireplace that worked...for some unknown reason they sealed ours. That would make these cold evenings nice...a warm fire and that smell that takes me back to my childhood. Cory is immersed in biochem, dental anatomy and histology. He thinks it is all so interesting...nerd. But I guess if he is going to be doing teeth for the next 30 years or so he might as well find it fasinating.
I am finally fitting in here...or should I say the people here are finally seeing what a truely fun and "cool" person I am. I am teaching some scrapbook like classes at the super saturday here in Nov., so I had to go all "Kim" on them. (for those of you who don't know Kim, it means I had to go all out and make a mini book out of a card). Ofcourse they were all impressed, not that I am all that... it is just their idea of scrapbooking is CM and they haven't seen the old stuff let alone the new stuff. They were fairly easy to impress.
I think these 3 years and 9 months will be ok.
Later my friends.
One L

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I did this page last night as part of Devine Memories virtual was a blast. This one was "the chipboard" challenge or the 10:00pm challenge. I cannot believe that I stayed up until 4:00am playing, but I did get 5 pages done. This one is my favorite.

Well I can upload some of my pictures to my blog and then others I cannot fine. I took a bunch of pictures of the house and I have 2 rooms pretty much done. Computers...can't live without them can't shoot them.

Greg called the other day and had a long chat with his sisters...they were having brother withdrawl. I knew we would miss them but I am surprised at the silly things I miss. I miss their excitement and appreciation of their favorite meals. No one gets excited about chicken spaghetti like Chris and I made baked subs the other day for lunch and there was so much left over.

Friday morning it was dang cold here and the girls were excited about seeing their breath, our furnace was down and we were chilly even with the oven going and the space heater on HI. Snow is coming and I dred it!. On the bright side...I could do some cool snow pictures.

We got the girls a swing set and it was delivered on Wed. I know I am going to have to put it up all by myself...Cory is focusing on school and he doesn't understand that a swing set IS a priority!

Till next post...I love you all my friends.

One L

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sorry with an "O"

Oh my goodness...I didn't to post until I had some pictures to download and then I had a series of unfortunate incidents. Now that I have the camera and computer working I still haven't taken the necessary pictures and it has been ages since I last posted an update here on my blog so I will just give a short update and try to put the camera thingy into the printer thingy and figure out how to post it on my blog all by myself because Cory is MIA these days.
The last I heard from the eldest son...he had lost his job and was looking for another one but he was in good financial condition because he was saving up for a car I think.
Son number 2 still hadn't resolved his car issues and he has to do something soon...his car is still in impound and he had no insurance when he hit the police he has to pay for everything out of his pocket...I feel for him. I sent some money for school and living expenses but I think he might have to use that to fix the police car.
Here in Pittsburgh life is moving along regardless of how I feel...the girls are really enjoying the cool weather. They are patiently waiting for snow...and several people have offered to take them sledding as soon as there is enough snow on the ground. They are too funny...everyday they ask if I think it will snow and the other morning we could see our breath and they were totally stoked. Cory is studing hard and getting high "B" 's so far...they grade on a curve and there are alot of single guys who study about 6-8 hours a day...compared to Cory's 2 hours I think he is doing magnificient! He loves the stuff they are learning and he is already in the clinic. One of the perk is that a lot of toothpaste and toothbrush companies are trying to woo these young guys and they give them a ton of product to play with...needless to say I won't have to buy another tooth brush for the rest of my life.
I have been so very lonely here...the people here are very nice but only to a point...nobody wanted to play with me...they were willing to give me directions and chat for 2 minutes but nobody wanted to invite me over or come to my house. So I took the advise of some friends and sisters and stopped feeling sorry for myself and started inviting people over for has been my motto in the past..."feeding people...a great way to make friends and infuence people". So I have had people over for lunch and diner a ton of times and I am starting to feel like I could make a friend or two. But I will not get too attached because there is no way in hell I am staying here after Cory finishes school.
Well my short update has grown beyond its years...later my friends.
One L