Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 here we come!

Christmas this year was so was nice to have a little money to buy the kids presents but what made it best was that we stayed home and Greg came to spend a week. It would have been perfect if Chris could have come but he works and only got 2 days off. I loved hearing the kids goof around with each other...gosh I love my kids so much!
My sister in law Ashli's mom always said she wanted to live on a compound with all her children and their families and to be honest I thought she was crazy (she has 12 kids) but I get it now...I think that would be heavenly to have all 4 kids within cooking distance.
I got a Ninja blender for Christmas and proceeded to cut my finger on the blades...they are super sharp people...those ninja are tricky! I also got a GPS for my car...I should name her like Rochelle and Tyson did...any suggestions? I love not feeling afraid of getting lost...I lived with that fear everyday. I have nightmares that I accidentally end up in Juarez and can't get back into the US because I don't have my passport. Am I showing my crazy bits? So be it...I am what I am.
Jonece got a tablet and we barely see her anymore...she loves it so much. Dene got a Kindle Fire and we are hoping it awakens a love of reading but I am afraid it will just open up a love of fruit ninja.
My new calling in RS is so time consuming but rewarding beyond measure...I sure do love the ladies in our ward. As I get older I appreciate my elders and really enjoy spending time with them. They have such a history and they are so appreciative of our time.
I have a curse...almost every friend I feel a kindred spirit with...well her husband is either in the Bishopric or ends up being called as Bishop or in the Bishopric. It is crazy how often that happens. My friend Camille...her husband is an oral surgeon...was just called as Bishop in their ward...well at least it is not my you know how hard it is calling someone Bishop after you know them as their first name?
For years I just wanted to get out of do feel a little disconnected at times...and now all I want is back in...the kids are where it is at for sure! The stress levels are way less and those kids are so full of love and goodness you miss their energy when you have been in RS for a long time. I know I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am called to do so I am not complaining just reminiscing.
I was hoping for a new camera for Christmas but no luck...I will have to be better this next year. There is always my birthday in Aug. too. Dene got a camera from Santa this year...maybe she will let me borrow it.
I hope everyone knows how much I love much I miss often I think of often I pray for them...and how I hope to see them all soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a superb New Year!
One L