Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Raccoon Creek

Yesterday... we decided at the spur of the moment to head out to Raccoon Creek to celebrate Cory's break from school. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for about a week so we took the last sunny day and hit the campground. We only stayed the two days and one night but I must say it was so much fun! The place was almost empty and when we drove in we saw deer in the campsites! I forgot so many things...I guess that is the price you pay for spur of the moment decisions. The raccoons visited us along with the deer and we made jiffy pop popcorn on the open fire. Of course we made s'mores and hot dogs on a stick...could camping be complete without these mainstays? We plan on going back permitting. We are camping at Ohio pile(sp) next...friends are always welcome!
Here is a movie of us making popcorn...or better yet Cory burning his hands trying to make popcorn...well it worked and it was delicious!
later all
One L

Dene's Concert

I just wanted to post this for is another movie of Dene's class singing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Event Filled Lunch

We had such a good time going out to lunch with everyone...good food and good company (no kids)...what more could anyone ask for. Maybe a little drama? Well that is exactly what happened! We were still finishing up our lunches and the babysitter called...that in itself got my heart racing. The babysitter proceeds to tell me that a fawn...tiny little deer was stuck in/on my fence in the back yard. I didn't think too much of it until he said it was screaming...making a horrible crying sound that was upsetting the children. Well, those of you who know Dene know that she is a huge animal and baby lover and I could just see her having a break down. So we all ran out of the Cafe and hurried home to either rescue the deer or at least get the children away until someone could help. Reita called her husband to meet us there and that made me feel so much better. I called Cory and he felt would take him over an hour to get home.
My friend Mandi is a go to gal! She is a nurse (LPN) and had gloves in her truck. She put on the gloves and proceeded to the back yard to see what could be done. We didn't know if the fawn was impaled on the decorative fence or what so we were relieved to find out he was just stuck between rungs and his hips were too big to get through. Mandi saved the day and lifted the screaming deer up and released it back into the free world aka my neighborhood. I ran upstairs to get my camera but didn't make it out there in time. The kids were so happy that the deer was fine and everybody heaved a sigh of relief...what an exciting end to our nice peaceful lunch!
I really had a great time laughing with everyone...I think I laughed so hard I almost peed. We have to do that more often!
Sorry I have no pictures to go with the deer post...but at least I did think to take a picture...I was just too slow.
Later dudes
One L

Saturday, June 07, 2008

School's Out for Summer!

Phew! it is done...all the last minute projects and gifts for functions and concerts! At least for a few months my life will be a little more sane. If you are looking for us this summer, look no further than the Dormont Pool! A bunch of my friends from school and I got a season pass and let me just! I bring a small cooler bag with drinks and a snack and the girls are off to play with one of the several friends at the pool and I never see them (well I keep them in sight re: drowning) but they are off playing the entire time we are at the pool and I sit with my friends and totally relax and laugh and try not to burn! They are all sun worshipers and I am a shade worshiper. Thank goodness for 80 sunscreen and hats, but if I keep this up I might even get a tan this look for the slightly yellow person in August and that would be me (I don't tan a nice bronze).
I am excited to go camping soon...our cheap version of a summer vacation! As soon as Cory is done with this summer thing (two weeks) then we will try and plan some fun activity once a week! Everyone is invited! We have a BBQ now (thanks to Tyson) so I am looking forward to having a few get-togethers in the old slanted back yard!
Enrichment is DONE! so I have some time off from my calling and that is a load off but in all honesty it was a snap this time with a huge enrichment committee...what a difference a few motivated women can make! I feel like I made some pork and showed up at a party and had a blast...I kinda feel guilty like I didn't do my share. I am used to doing so much more but my new committee just ran with it and did a superb job... I can take no credit for a successful night!
I will post some pictures of my befreckled little tanned girls later.
Love you all
One L