Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Clean Sink

When I miss my sister Caroline I clean my sink...her sink is always clean, and it reminds me of her. How do you get through the holidays without your family? I am feeling less than jolly this year but I promise to not be too depressing.
I must admit there is something about having a clean sink that makes me a little bit happier. I guess in some ways I could stand in front of my sink and forget that the rest of my house is a disaster area.
I have so many things to do and I haven't done any of it. I am usually a procrastinator but this year I am a don'tgiveahootifitgetsdoner. I know my friends and family will still love me if they get their Christmas presents in February!
As soon as I finish a craft I will post pictures...but don't hold your breath for it to happen before Christmas.
One L

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Girl and Her Dog

What a cutie, Dene loves all animals but of course her favorite is Cookie. She lives for the day when Cookie will have puppies but I am afraid she would have a breakdown when we sold the puppies and I have no desire to have more than one dog.
Dene has decided that she no longer wants to have bangs and I am torn. She looks so much like her father when her high forehead is showing, which is something I like but she looks so much younger with bangs and she is my baby.
Cookie is in need of a bath and a haircut. Cory wants to shave her...the easy way out, but I love her long hair I just hate brushing her. She gets matted so easily that I might side with Cory on this one. I have a friend who usually takes care of the trimming and baths but she has been busy and my dog stinks!
It has been so nice having Cory around these last few days even though he has his nose in his study cards for boards. It will be nice to have his boards behind him and have him just focusing on the task at emptying the dishwasher!! JK
We have been out shopping up a storm...ok so it has been at Walmart, Goodwill, Big Lots and the dollar store but hey the kids will never remember what they got they just want to open presents.
We hope this Christmas Season is the best ever for all our friends and family.
We love all of you and miss the ones far away.
One L

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crazy Days of December

This month has been the longest month so far this year and we are less than half way through it. It might have something to do with Super Saturday being on the first and Enrichment being last night. I am exhausted, not so much physically but mentally. I am just so happy that I only have to focus on my own little family now...and NOW I am starting to freak out. I have so many homemade Christmas gifts that I have not even started...and I have to mail some of them out soon! Breath...breath...breath I know that my friends and family will understand if this Christmas is less than extravagant but I love to make and give gifts all year long and Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. I have discovered so many cool crafts and I will post pictures soon.
Cory is half way through hell week aka finals. 10 finals in 5 days is crazy if you ask me. I have not seen so many grown men look scared to death as I have this week. "C"'s are flying around like crazy this semester. Unfortunately, if they get 2 C's they will go on academic probation and they cannot write their boards in January. Yikes! Cory is sweating up a far so good no "C"'s as we speak but he still has 6 finals to go.
Jonece and Dene are getting sick and I have decided to let them sleep in this starts in 10 minutes and they are still sleeping all snug in their beds. I know this makes me a loser mom on some levels but they are both smart and doing well in school so I feel OK about letting them miss a morning or 2 now and then. Besides, they were out late last night with me at Enrichment and they played quietly for the most part so I owe them as well.
I hope all my friends and family out there know how much we all love them...we are so rich with blessings that our cup runneth over.
One L

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Dene

Dene had an "animal birthday party" this Monday and I made a cake that kinda looks like a horse. She is excited to be 7 years old. Her party was by far the best we have ever had and to think it was the cheapest too! I found a bunch of fun games on line and I found the directions for the cake on line too. I also learned how to make balloon animals online and you could even make out that it was a poodle to boot. Instead of expensive food we had hot "dogs" with chips and soda. It is funny that everyone was saying it was such a fun party...and I was afraid it would be a flop.
This week is turning out to be the most stressful week I have had in a long time. Monday was the birthday party, Tuesday I was in charge of the craft for brownies, Wednesday I had to print, sort, fold and distribute the 8 page newsletter for the PFO (all 540 copies). Thursday Super Saturday stuff and helping a friend with a poster plus a doctor's appointment oh and I am hosting girl's night at my house and we are doing Christmas ornaments...yikes! Then on Friday I have to finish the kits for Sat. and my parents are coming from Canada. Saturday we have the super sat and the girls are in the parade and I will be teaching 5 classes at the church and then my parents got a hotel with a pool so the girls can have a fun swim. Sunday is a day of rest...if I survive. I am looking forward to Sunday for sure. I wish all my crafty friends could come and visit this weekend and teach a class or two. I miss everyone this week.
Later everyone...pray for me.
One L

Friday, November 16, 2007


The weather here is getting colder by the minute. We took the girls out to a farm to pick out a pumpkin and they had a petting zoo and hay rides and the girls had a blast. You can see their rosy cheeks and eventhough the sun was shinning the wind just goes right through your clothes and chills you to the bone. They had some homemade apple cider to warm us all up and while Cory and the girls played at the park with the 100 foot slide I went shopping in the market and bought lots of yummy veggies and the Winesap apples are by far the best for eating. We had a fun day with daddy and we all treasure the hours he can spend with us without a book or packet to read. I will never take for granted the lazy days ever know the days that you just lay around all day with everyone home and underfoot. I used to complain...never again.
The boys are doing well in school, Greg is part time and Chris is full time. They are financially independent and that is scary too. I wish I could see them more often...they are poor and so are we right now so I will just have to be patient and before you know it school will be over and we will all see each other often!
I miss my friends guys can not be replaced...EVER!
later dudes and dudettes
One L

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Halloweew

The girls had a fun Halloween this year...the weather was great and they looked great. We only did our street and the one behind us and the girls were by far the most adorable trick or treaters in the whole state of PA. They have enough candy to keep a dentist in business for a few months for sure.
I asked Cory if we would give out sugarless gum or toothpaste when he is a dentist...he said heck no! He said we would give out whole snickers bars and then he said we would have to give something that stuck to the teeth and caused tooth decay. Looking out for the future.
We have been having a bit of a chilly week here with the highs in the 50's and the lows around freezing. Our furnace/boiler uses gas...alot of gas so we are trying to hold off turning it on but our little electric heaters are just not cutting it...brrrrr. Cory loves the cold weather but I am an AZ girl through and through...I hate being cold. By the way did I mention at this very moment my fingers are freezing...I haven't broken down to wearing mittens in the house yet.
The girls had a Halloween Parade at school with class parties that followed. I was a helper for Jonece's class and I got to peek in on Dene as well. They have great teachers this year and I am trying to spend more time at the school. Being on the PFO (PTO) is harder than I thought it would be. If one more person suggests I should run for president I think I will scream.
Well there was some drama in our little girls night of the girls decided that they wanted it to be just for student wives and no one else. Well needless to say I had a fit. We started this group because we felt like everyone else had their cliques and we were not welcome to join, so we created this girls night that invites everyone and anyone. Now they wanted to change it. Needless to say I am now taking over our girls night and the other girls are starting their own little clique. Drama drama drama I guess I can't complain this is the first sniff of drama since we moved here so I guess I really can't boo hoo too much about it. There are only a few things that get me going and I guess trying to make our girls night exclusive this was one of them.
Have a great day everyone.
One L

Friday, October 19, 2007

'Look at That"

Dene's teacher called me in while I was at the school helping with the Book Fair, she wanted me to confirm what she already knew...Dene had forged my signature and she is only in the first grade! The teacher asked her if this was really her mom's signature and Dene looked her right in the eye and said "yes". When the teacher pressed her she admitted that she had signed my name. What a little monkey. Can you imagine what she is going to be like in 10 years...yikes I am sweating already.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Missing my sister

It was so nice spending time with Caroline and her sweet family, our time up in Canada with my mom was nice but when they were here it was GREAT! I miss cooking with my sister, we are a good team in the kitchen (she does dishes and constantly cleans the sink). We went shopping together and I could almost cry thinking about how much fun it was looking at stuff with someone who is just as crazy as I am. I have made some great friends here in PA but there is nothing like a sister to make you feel at home and all warm and fuzzy. It was so nice spending time with my nieces and only nefew on my side. Sadie is only a few months old but she is a kindred spirit...she is all smiles and though her parents may disagree is nothing but sunshine!
I talked to her today and she is feeling the same...I bought some pie crust yesterday...just because we were going to make butter tarts...and she went out and bought the same laundry detergent and dish soap just to feel closer to me...ahhh shucks
We are hoping to find a way to spend some time together before Christmas, either she will come here or the girls and I will come to AZ for a few days during their Christmas vaca.
Later dudes
One L

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cottage fun

There was a jacuzzi bathtub at the cottage we went to this past week and the girls had a blast! You should have seen the bathtub after they got out...yikes! I have never seen such a disgusting bathtub ring in my life! The girls had a great time with their cousins up at Morrison lake. They had a campfire almost every night with roasting marshmellows and swimming every day.
Jonece and Dene learned how to use a kyak (sp?) and let me just say Jonece is a natural.
The girls jumped off the dock and daddy and uncle Seth pulled them behind the boat on a tube and it was so much fun.
Great grandma Smith came for a visit and she brought her dog Elmo. Grandma Chaffe was there and she got to wake up with 3 snugglers and her dog Morgan. All in all it was a great week filled with fun, family and lots of laughs, but to tell you the truth I am so glad to be home. I don't know if it is my age or what but I have a 4 day limit and them I am ready to go home!
Caroline and her crew of 4 kiddos are coming back tomorrow for a quick visit and then they fly back to AZ on Wednesday. They have been so fun to have and I really wish they could stay longer.
Today the girls and cory got back into the swing of things...back to school and I am so busy doing nothing.
Till later...we love you all!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trip to Canada

This is a shot of Cory and the girls at Town Beach and one of Jonece and I up in Parry Sound Ont. The Bay can be cold but that didn't stop the girls from swimming every chance they got. I has been years since I was there and to tell you the truth I had a hard time finding my way around Parry Sound via car. When we were little, we went everywhere on foot or by bike, we had short cuts through the woods and through peoples yards and nothing looked the same to me any more.
My grandma's house gets smaller every time I go...I remember it being so much larger when I was a kid...her garden used to be huge. It was wonderful to see my grandma and spend some time with her, she is getting older and I know she won't live forever. The drive up was long but the girls were great. There were two dogs and Grandma Chaffe in the back seat with them...maybe that is the secret to peaceful long trips...take along an extra few dogs and a grandma. We came back to St. Catharines and had a few days with grandpa and grandma Barb. All in all it was a long week but a fun week. We are all glad to be home.
One L

Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Brother

Chris and his girlfriend Tara came for a visit and it was just plain wonderful. I forgot how much the girls love to torment their brothers...they have always been their favorite toys. Poor Chris was practically mauled by Dene this past few days...she misses having a wrestling buddy since her sister is not one for being tackled at the drop of a hat.
We had fun while they were here, we saw the movie Transformers and it was very exciting. We went to the zoo on the muggiest day so far this year and we especially enjoyed the airconditioned exhibits. We dragged them to lots of different sites and they were gracious about everything. All they really wanted to do was stay home and hang...and eat. Chris had a list of foods he wanted me to make, and it was fun to make all his favorites but I think I will take a break from baking for a week or six!
With Cory off for the rest of Aug we are off to see the grandparents in Canada, even my grandmother up north (Parry Sound). It is so nice to have Cory around morning noon and night, and we are not sick of him yet...maybe by the end of the month we won't be so sorry for school to start up again, but I doubt it. We will take pictures up north and post again when we return.
love One L

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter fever

Well Cory and I went to Costco early on the 21st to get a copy of the new Harry Potter book. I don't know what I was afraid of they had hundreds of copies and I am sure they had more in the back. I was starting to get Cory's cold he brought back with him from AZ and had a party at our house that night so I didn't get a chance to read it until all our guests had left. I felt awful and couldn't even read...what a bummer! But I started feeling a bit better late on Sunday and finished the book Monday night. WOW! It was gripping, I won't say anything that might spoil the experience for other HP followers out there but let me just say...alot of things were answered. The girls want me to finish reading it to them but Cory has first dibs.
Cory has only 2 more final and then he is done for a whole month! We are excited about seeing him more...we have missed him these past few weeks. We have a ton of plans, people and places to go.
Chris and Tara are coming on the 4th and we are all excited about that! I will post some pics even if he hasn't cut his hair.
love ya
One L

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The skyline

We took this picture when we took friends up to Mount Washington so they could take some picture for their Christmas cards. The Johnsons were moving back West after 4 years of school here in Pittsburgh, they wanted their Christmas card to have a picture of this "home" since it feels more like home than Washington state. They are gone to work on an Indian reservation far from friends and family. I guess after 4 years here in PA you know you can live anywhere...make new friends and all that you really need is you little eternal family and a phone...and the internet...and maybe money so you can afford to fly and visit friends and family often. The girls are getting so big, and I am so proud of the little ladies they have become.
Cory went to AZ for a very sad family funeral (his cousin Rodney Clark) and the girls and I had a weekend full of girl stuff. Cory had his fill of Mexican food and his tummy may never forgive him, and he had the chance to spend time with all seven of his brothers and sisters. It is hard to get all of them together for anything, they are all spread out over this country. Cory gets rejuvenated when he spends time with his siblings, he laughs more, he smiles all the time and he loves them all so much. He is so proud of the people they have grown up to be...and along with his parents they are the standard he sets for himself and the people he wants to emulate most. It is sad that it takes a funeral to get everyone together...but when the going gets tough this family is one unit...and there is such a comfort in this.
Hug your families.
One L

Saturday, June 30, 2007

10 Things I Love about Pittsburgh

All my friends here in PA tell me I am such a downer re: living in Pittsburgh and I am trying to prove them wrong...I am going to come up with 10 things I love about this place and try hard to remember these and not focus on the negatives.
1. I love the cool nights in the summer.
2. I love the pizza here.
3. I love that the girls can play outside in the back yard 10 months of the year.
4. I love my neighbors...they are the kindest sweetest people.
5. I love my house.
6. I love the outdoor parks.
7. I love Primanti Brother's sandwich place (it was on the food network)
8. I love the people here...once they accept you and let you in they are so genuine.
9. I love fireworks...and they are not illegal here.
10. I love that we only have 2 years, 9 months and 24 days to go.

Well I almost made it to 10.
love you all
One L

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital and let me just say I was the proudest mother in the world. Dene was the prettiest little ballerina in the place, and Jonece jazzed up the place. They knew their parts and didn't even have a touch of stage fright. I helped make Dene's costume but just dished out the bucks for Jonece's. As soon as Cory can figure out how to make copies of the recital we will send a copy to all who want one. Next on the agenda is violin lessons and gymnastics. Dene wants to keep up with the ballet but Jonece isn't sure.
Oh the joy of little girls...the boys were much less complicated...what sport starts at what time of the year.
It was so much fun doing their hair and make-up but it was a little scary for Daddy...he didn't like his little girls looking so grown up. That's all for now.
One L

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Devine Memories Forums

I was so sad to see that DM closed their was my way to stay informed and feel close to my friends in AZ. I guess this means I will have to update my blog more often. I guess I could do that.
The girls have about another week of school here in PA and they are looking forward to a fun filled summer. Chris is coming for a visit the first week of August and Tara is coming too...I just love Tara. We are spending a week at a Aug. (Cory has the whole month off) and I am hoping to come and visit in AZ for about 5 days...I have to smoosh my new niece Sadie. As soon as the flight is booked I will try and get a crop going.
I have decided to make a scrapbook of my mother's life...while she is still here to fill in the blanks and tell the stories. I desperately need Care's help...I know I am an fairly good scrapper but I take FOREVER to do my personal pages because I want it to...sing to me!
The girls have their dance recital this Saturday and I am so excited...they are so cute in their very expensive costumes.
I haven't decided what they will do next year besides piano lesssons (Jonece doesn't want to take dance again next year)...I think gymnastics. They have swim lessons this summer and a bunch of weekend trips so I am hesitant to sign them up for anything during the summer months.
We are planning a trip to Palmyra this summer for the pagaent and I can't wait to see the girls faces when the volcanoes erupt and stuff...I remember the boys thought it was so very cool.
Well later ya all and miss you.
One L

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Miss Cory's Parents

It was so nice to have Cory's Mom and Dad here with us in was a treat to have family around. You take it for granted when family is always there but when you get to be around family only on holidays and special occasions it truely is a wonderful time.
Another positive of having family come and visit is you get another perspective of the area you live in...Karen and Norm really enjoyed the greenery and the many rivers. I guess if I was hard pressed to say something nice about PA I would have to mention the water all around...not just the constant rain but the many creeks and rivers. I also love the brick roads (not so much to drive on but they are pretty to look at). Can you believe it???? I actually said two nice things about PA. before you know it I will want to stay...NOT!
One L

Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Years 11 Months and 29 days To Go!!

Cory just finished his first year of Dental school and he has an entire week off!!!yehaw!!! so in less than 3 years we will be out of this forsaken place and somewhere that has a sun shining in the sky. In honor of Cory's huge vacation from school we are squeezing in a babpism, his parents visiting, my mother visiting and going to Canada to visit my dad. And he has a list 3 feet long of things he has to do around the house and to the car! There is no rest for the CORY.
Missing everyone that isn't visiting this week and loving you all.
One L

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Baptism

Can you believe my little baby girl Jonece is turning 8 next week? Her baptism will be on Saturday April 28 at 2:00pm. All our friends and family are invited and there will be a huge party back at my house. Cory is so excited...his first child he gets to baptize...he is so honored.
I am making the cutest invites for her "aloha" birthday party on the 21st and when they are all done I will post a pic. I haven't got a clue as to what I am doing for her actual baptism invites...any suggestions? Normally I would go to the Quilted Bear and Deseret and get a ton of ideas but neither store is here in no where land. There is always the I am off to check out some sites.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taught a class

It has been so long since I taught a class but I thought it would be fun...well let me just say I learned so very much about what not to do here in PA. NO MORE CHOICES! I will pick the paper and the embellishments and if they don't like it they can get their money back. What a nightmare...I was showing about 12 girls how to alter a frame and I brought from my stash several sheets of paper and a bunch of different embelishment choices. Well, since I taught the class in my home I ran upstairs to my scrap room to get a few things I had forgotten and the word got out that I had a small scrapbook store upstairs...well now everyone wanted to "take" stuff and I was getting upset.
From now on I will limit the size of my classes and do the classes at the church or make upstairs off limits. Live and and learn.
One L

Sunday, March 18, 2007

So Many Babies on the Way

NOT ME!!! Hope I didn't freak anyone out. I am completely and "no going back now" finished birthin babies. My sister is having another sweet girl in June and my sweet friend Amy is preggos too! So many ladies in my ward just announced that they are having a baby too...there must be something in the air...or in the water. I just love other people's babies...the ones that go home at night and I sleep a peaceful 6-7 hours. I knew the day would come when Dene would finally sleep in her own bed...the day has come. She almost never gets up in the night and to think it only took 6 years!
I miss my boy babies like crazy...ok so they are 19 and 20 but they are still my babies. I know they are busy with their own lives and they don't really miss me...except when they are hungry. A son is a son till he takes a wife is too true for me...I hope my girls still call and need me more when they are their ages. I raised them to be strong loving independent men and I can't be angry that they are just that...I just miss their faces.
My mother is doing better and that has been a blessing...all the prayers are really making a difference. There is a new treatment that may prolong her life and she is probably going to do it and I hope she does. I remember each day that she is terminal but hey if I knew I had 1 or even 2 years left I would make the best of them...and that is all I hope for her.
All in all we are doing the best we can living in this place called snowed again!!
Cory will be so done with this place soon.
I love all my friends and family
One L

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Same Stuff Different Day

I feel like I need to post an update but now I know how my friend Amy feels...I have nothing to say. We are all busy doing nothing...I drive the girls to school, dance, activities, friends houses, etc, clean the house, cook and shop and Cory goes to school.
I could make a long list of all the things I hate here in PA but I am trying not to be a downer. On a happier note the weather is warming up and they actually have spring for more than a week lasts for months!
The girls are looking forward to swim lessons and Jonece is having her 8th birthday next month. Grandma and Grandpa Thompson are coming for a visit during her Baptism.
Everyone is is the 28th of April...we have a lot of room!
Our dog Cookie has been in heat and we are hoping that she didn't meet any other male dog when she took off up the street for an hour...I guess we will find out in a few months.
That is all for now.
One L

Friday, February 16, 2007

I am SOOO done

I am so done with this weather, I am tired of the snow, ice and the wind chill factor. The kids are still loving it, they can't get enough of the white fluffy stuff. The dang groundhog is such a liar... early spring my butt. The roads are down right treacherous and I have had so many near misses when it comes to car accidents. ABS brakes are incredibly annoying and they make you feel like you are sliding AND you have no brakes. They have no place to but the snow that they plow so the already narrow roads become single lanes... and people park on the street everywhere because no one and I mean no one has ample parking. Can you tell I am not happy right now? I remind my self that come summer time when we are camping and hangin out on the rivers and lakes that are everywhere I will be happy...I might just be fooling myself but I can live with that. Well I think that is it for my vent.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

The girls were ready bright and early to go sledding but we were snowed in on our street., so they improvised and started at the top of the driveway and went all the way down the backyard and they had a blast. I even went down twice but I smashed into the swing set and bruised my left side and my left arm will never be the same...I am getting too old for this stuff. No school today and it looks like school will be cancelled again tomorrow, that makes 4 snow days this winter so far. Don't they know how much I need time away from my sweet children. Dene is out by 11:00am so it is only a few precious hours all by myself and I treasure them.

Cookie has had a love hate relationship with the snow... she loves running around in it and digging her nose into it but she hates when it gets between her toes. She totally looks like a bunny hopping through the snow...I sure hope the hawks don't think so too.

We have freezing rain tonight and everything has a thick sheet of ice on it so everything looks shiny and new...but when I tried to go next door to bring them some fresh homemade rolls I just about flew there...yikes.

I was hoping that this string of severe weather would make Cory less entralled with PA but so far he still love it here...but we re not staying regardless!

One L

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I love Sundays

Our time for church has changed to 1:00pm and you would think we would be on time every Sunday but not siree...for some reason we are 5 minutes late everytime. But this Sunday we don't have any primary classes so no running around trying to finish lessons and stuff. I think we are staying home today anyway because I have been fighting a cold...and I am still feeling awful.
We had a pretty decent snow fall this past week..not quite enough to build a snow man or go sledding but it was fun to have snowball fights with the girls. Dene is a great shot and I have had to take her down a time or two. We are expecting more snow this week.
Cory loves school and he is still in love with PA but the shine is coming off the apple everytime he has to scrap the ice off the car. Right now he is doing anatomy (gross and head and neck) so he has been working with cadavers (sp?). He always has some yummy tale to tell that pretty much ruins dinner if you know what I mean...and I will never eat beef jerky ever again. I want to share in his "school experience" but not with that much detail...yuk!
Gotta make pancakes...I later dudes.
One L

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life can Suck

We returned home from AZ with our hearts full and our sunshine meter reading full. We have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather here in Pittsburgh...Not as nice as AZ but not as cold as it could be.
Shortly after returning home my mom called to let me know her cancer had returned...She battled and won a bout of breast cancer several years ago. The news is not good. There is no cure for secondary bone cancer...It is just a matter of how much time treatment can give her and how much pain she is to endure.
I am always heartbroken when I hear of small children losing their mothers...I think all children need to have a mom to love them and hold them and kiss all their boo boos. The most devastating thing for me would be to lose one of my children...I hope and pray I never have to endure that. I know my mother has lived 64 years and that in itself is a gift. She has loved, lived and touched many lives, I just selfishly want to have her for about 20 more years.
I keep writing things and deleting them because some things are just too...Well the word inappropriate jumps to mind.
I just wanted to let you all know what is going on in our lives..I will update soon.
One L

Friday, January 05, 2007

Back from AZ

WE are back and the girls had a blast hanging out with their brothers, cousins and friends...we didn't get to see as much of the brothers as we would have liked but beggars can't be choosers. They have jobs and school and girlfriends and we are not at the top of the list...its ok for now.
Friends and family were on our list and unfortunately we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to this visit. I thought 2 weeks was enough time but I was many friends and family that we love very much.
Restaurants...that was Cory's first concern...and we did manage to eat at every place we had missed...and the Gecko Grill twice.

That is a picture of us outside the Gecko grill with Cory's family too.

I did a chance to work at Devine Memories twice and I had a blast...thanks to all my friends who could come out and crop with us...thanks everyone. I didn't realize how much I had missed working in the store until I put that apron back was delicious.

The weather...the sun...the landscape...the mountains, were also soaked up...I couldn't get enough of it. On a strange note Pittsburgh is having the most unusual winter...with the highs in the low 60's and high 50's. Sounds like we brought a bit of AZ back with complaints from me.

I loved visiting AZ but was glad to sleep in my own bed and cook in my own if I could just get my bed and kitchen to AZ then that would be great!

We had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone the happiest of New Years

One L