Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The weekend is over and all I can say is whew!. The craft show went well...my advent calendar was the first thing to go! They didn't even barter about the price! It kinda makes me sad to let it go...there was so much of me in it. I make a lot of crafts and give them away and never think twice about them but I will think of my cookie sheet advent calendar for a while. Or I might just have to make another one!
Super Saturday went well...I think. It is hard to judge when you are racing around trying hard to remember everything...and that is so not who I am! I should have been born blond (no offense intended). But I am such a scatter brain...always have been always will be! When I was little my father used to say I was "flaky". I don't think he was referring to my light and airy crust.
I have to say I was very impressed by the talented women who attended and have to admit I liked one of the ladies' stars even more so than mine. Great use of color and all that jazz. So many of the gals who signed up did an amazing job and I would put their creations up in my house in a heartbeat!
I know I was crazy to think I could take a couple of the other classes offered but I did try and managed to make a hairclip that was pretty darn cute. (thanks to the step by step hands on teaching of Melanie).
A special thanks to all those who helped...I couldn't do anything without you! I would be amiss if I didn't put a shout out there to my family...especially Cory. He has been so supportive and cut and sanded all 47 blocks! .He never complained about the neglected house or the craft purchases. Jonece and Dene were understanding about my need to get back into the scraproom and finish some project or organize something even when they wanted to go somewhere or have a friend over. I am truly blessed by the friends I have and the family that loves me inspite of my many flaws. I guess that is a nice way to prepare for this week...Thanksgiving is Thursday and it is a great time to remember how thankful I am.
Dene's birthday is Wednesday but we are postponing her party until next week to ensure all her friends can attend her "scrapilicious party" (they are making scrapbooks).
Now I just have to design her invitations and I already have a super cute idea forming in my head.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone...eat Turkey and be thankful .
Love and smooshes
One Grateful L

Friday, November 21, 2008

And The Winner Is...



I feel bad for those who didn't win...I might have something in my bag of tricks for everyone who posted! (Just let me get through this weekend first)

Amy I have so many to choose from...but I am leaving them at the Dormont Borough Rec Center for the craft fair in the morning. Call me and let me know which ones you want before 7:45 am.

Congratulations Amy (and you said you never win...liar liar pants on fire)

One Exhausted L

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cutest thing I have ever made!!!

My sister sent me a link to a version of this advent calendar. I have changed a few things but I totally scraplifted the idea!

I made this Advent calendar for my craft show but it is so cute (and it took a long time) I am thinking I want 40 bucks for it or I'll just keep it!
The 25 little magnets took forever! But I really love the final look of it. I just have to get Cory to drill some holes so I can hang it with a super cute ribbon!
Only a little more than 24 hours until the drawing for the magnets! Good Luck everyone!
One L

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Give Away!

Here are some of the cute magnets I have made for the craft fair...I am not sure how much to charge for them. Some of them are more involved than others but they are all from stuff I have had for ages!
So now for the give away...for everyone who posts I will put their name in a hat and have one of the girls choose a name and that person will win any 2 magnets they want...so the deadline will be Thursday night by 10:00pm so the girls who went to NYC can have a chance.
For my friends in AZ I will bring your choice at Christmas...unless you need it right away and I could mail it off to you.
Good luck everyone!
One magnetic L

Friday, November 14, 2008

What have I Been Doing Lately?

I have been trying to get a bunch of crafts done to sell at the 2 fairs I have coming up in the next few weeks! I have made 4 of these covered 8 x 8 scrapbooks all different themes and colors.
I made this accordian banner and I only have 2 of these done.
I have a bunch of blocks done but have to wait to see how many are paid for on Sunday and then I can use up the rest of them. So far I have JOY and CHRISTMAS.

I have a bunch of these stars and they are so cool...they are expensive but I think they will sell! At least I hope they do...or everyone is getting an altered star for Christmas!! I have been working on a ton of magnets...there are too many to photograph...I think I will post a few later in the weekend and have a little giveaway to start off the season of giving!
Have a great weekend,
One Crafty L

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I know we are poor...I try hard to be frugal. In most areas of my spending I give myself snaps for finding the best deals and getting a discount when I can.
But there are those things that I break down and buy and feel guilty because are a "want" not a "need".
I have been reviewing my guilty pleasures and have decided that I "need" them.

Colossal Olives stuffed with garlic.
Top of the line balsamic vinegar
Good olive oil.
fresh pineapple
unlimited text messaging on my cell phone.
Diamond glaze
good (expensive) shoes
good purses
KZion internet radio
On line shopping

These are a few of my favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens)
Right now I should be putting the girls to bed and working on some crafts for my upcoming show. But I sit here listing my guilty pleasures.
I am a little overwhelmed with my schedule this month...and I have been procrastinating!
Now I have gone and made myself feel bad because I am not doing what I should and the girls are being loud and Cory is trying to sleep!
Gotta go
Goodnight moon
One guilty L

Monday, November 03, 2008


The girls wanted to be Gypsies for Halloween so I bought obnoxious skirts from Good will and made the corsets. Add in a white shirt, some scarfs, jingle bells, and some gold jewelery and you have a pretty cute Gypsy!

They must have done something right...this is just part of the stash they raked in! Crazy isn't it? All that candy and I don't even like chocolate bars! A few months ago I threw away last years left over Halloween candy. This year I hope to have it gone by Christmas...how pray tell am I planning to do this without rotting out my children's teeth? Well it is simple...give it away! Cory brought some for his Sunday School class and he will do that a few more times and Dene's Birthday is right around the corner...can you say gift bags! And of course there is always girl's night...I know a few ladies out there who have a weakness for chocolate...you know who you are!
I am always surprised when other kids are finished with their candy so early...Dene and Jonece take forever!
I have been busy making costumes for Halloween and Jonece's Elise Island Day...she has to come in Colonial clothes...I made an apron and a bonnet! I will take pictures of her in it and post my sad attempt! But hey I am using my sewing machine...I give myself snaps for that!
Super Saturday, Dene's Birthday are sneaking up on me and I also have a craft show the same day as SS! My friend Mandi and I are selling our wares in hopes of paying for Christmas...wish me luck and pray people here want to buy my stuff...or else that is what everyone is getting for Christmas...including Cory and last time I checked he didn't want an altered star! When I get most of it done I will post some pictures of my wares!
Love you all
One crafty L