Sunday, December 27, 2009

blah blah blah

Does that sound a little like Scrooge? I meant it more like the same old same old. I get up I cook, I clean, I drive somewhere for know what I mean.
I usually wait until something interesting happens or I have something of value to say before I post to my blog but lately I think facebook is the venue most of my friends prefer to communicate on.
But then again I use my blog like a journal that I hope will be around long after I am gone and my children can read it and remember our journeys. So I write...for them.
Our Christmas was sweet...quietly meaningful if that makes any sense. The girls had quite a few presents under the tree...mostly clothes and little things but they were excited to open each and every one of them. We tried hard to focus on the Savior and His life but it is not as easy as it sounds. So many things distract me and I do love to shop.
We have had the Missionaries over a bunch this holiday and it is really adding a cool spirit...a warm and fuzzy feeling having those amazing young men in my home...and they think I am all that and a bag of chips when I make homemade rolls for them!
The year 2010 is right around the corner and I have no resolutions to speak of. Except maybe to resolve to not have any resolutions.
I like having Cory home but the girls tend to pick at each other when they are around each other 24 hours a in and day doesn't help that most of their friends are out of town. So they are sentenced to play with each other. This would normally be fine except Dene hates video games and gaming is Jonece's favorite passtime. So Dene does her best to disrupt Jonece when she is playing and this only causes unhappiness all around.
I really missed seeing Greg and Chris this holiday but I keep telling myself that next year we will be in a position to either drive to see them or fly if needs be. My sister has been going through a really tough time these last few weeks and I feel like a bull at a dairy...useless. I can't help her and it sucks.
Well we have an entire week before every one goes back to school and I have a few fun things planned to make some memories. I hope it snows (I know who thought I would ever say that!) so we can get in some sledding.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday and my friends hurry up and get home...I miss you guys!
One Blah L

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Last Christmas in the Burgh

I am trying to really enjoy this winter...I said trying. Part of that is looking at things in a different way...realizing that this will be the last of so many things. Some are sad...some are not but all are held in a positive light. It was sad to realize that it was the last time I will witness the leaves changing color here...and not so sad to realize we watched our last first snowfall! Our last first slide on an icy brick road...our last first scraping of the car...all these things make me see the bright side of things. This new attitude (and the meds) are making this winter season my best so far.
I am sad that Christmas will be without family and our friends that feel like family but this is our last holiday with just the four us and that makes it super special. I am determined to make it memorable for all of us. Cory is off school for a bit and even though he will be studying for Boards we will fill the break with fun family times. Since this might be our last snowy winter we are making sure we go sledding often. The building of snowmen and snow angels are on the itinerary as well as hot apple cider and the occasional snow ball fight.
I am grateful for all my friends and family who have loved me over the distance and the new friends I have made here in PA.
Have a great holiday everyone...and know I am thinking of you!
Love and smooshes
One winter lovin L