Sunday, April 19, 2009


Jonece had her birthday party/spa night/sleepover on Friday night and all I can say is whew! Seven little girls for 16 hours... it was an experience! Cory reached his maximum girl level before 8 and went and hid in our bedroom for the night. In some ways I am so glad because if he had of been there for some of the conversations I think he might have blown a gasket. some of these girls are 9 going on 20, maybe it is because they have older sisters but I don't remember any of my friends being boy crazy at 9 or 10 years old.
We had pizza and cake and ice cream and then we did our toes.

I don't think I could ever do pedicures for a living but it sure is funny how people start telling you their whole life story the minute you start rubbing their feet. I have decided that Jonece is not allowed to play at certain girls houses anymore...I know that makes me judgemental but hey isn't that my job? If a little girl (10years old) told you she had been at boy/girl parties and played 7 minutes of heaven wouldn't you think maybe she is a little too "hoochy" for your liking?
All in all the night was a success, Jonece finally had a slumber party and even thiough there was drama drama drama throughout the night she had a blast. Saturday night we all went to bed early and fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow.
That is all for now
love and smooshes
One L

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Class pet?

What has the world come to when the class pet is a huge stuffed Mickey? I remember when I was young our class room has a small real and all alive and each student would have the opportunity to care for the animal over holidays and long weekends. Well Dene had the opportunity to "take care of" her class pet which is a stuffed Mickey Mouse. Is it just me or is that kind of lame?
We are such a weird bunch...Dene took him outside for some fun on the swings and he sat at his own seat during dinner. Cory kept yelling at Mickey to stop staring at him...and Dene would try and turn his head but it would always end up staring at Cory. Dene put on his jammies and snuggled up for the night. One might say my family has a great imaginations...or maybe we are just a bunch of weirdos. I am opting for the great imaginations!
We have a semi busy weekend ahead...the girls are off Thurs and Fri but Cory doesn't get a minute off. I have girl's night at my house and we are making bracelets and I am excited. Saturday we are having our Easter dinner...Sundays are too hectic with Church at 1:00 so we thought Saturday might be a better choice.
Jonece's birthday is the 17th and she wants to have a sleepover birthday party and I have relented and said YES! I know I will regret this but I love that little girl and she wants it sooooo bad how could I say no? I have her invitations to do and another baby shower to plan for the beginning of May. Life is fun.
Later my friends
One L