Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

We are all packed and ready to go. We have to drop off the dog with friends because Southwest doesn't allow pets, can you believe that? Then it is off to the airport, and we will be in AZ in time for dinner at Gecko Grill...We can taste it now...Yummy.
The irony of it all it that it will be warmer here this week at times than it will be in AZ. But the sun will be a shining!
Thursday we will be at Devine Memories for a tasting party for a recipe swap I signed up for...What was I thinking? I have 26 6x6 pages to finish...I have one done as we speak. I might be in trouble.
Well I have to get going see you all soon.
One L

Friday, December 15, 2006

Devine Memories virtual challenge

These are a few of the pages I did, the flower pocket, black and white with a whisper of red and my version of winter joy. I did a clipboard and hand cut out the phrases. For the challenge to use some kind of office supply and I was in my element. I used a prong fastener to add some ribbon. That is all for now.
One L

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Visions of sugar plums

WE are all getting into the Christmas spirit here in PA. Well, except for Scrooge aka Cory, he is about ready to snap...no warm and fuzzy going on in him right now. I guess I would be a little less into the season if I had an exam everyday...and my future hung in the balance. Come Thursday he should have an overwhelming sense of relief and have room in his life for some Christmas spirit. We are excited about coming home in a week, we have missed our family and friends more than we could have imagined. The girls are most excited to see their brothers...and Grandma.
One L

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Christmas!

The girls decorated the tree and I think they did a great job! Since we are leaving here on the 19th I opted for an artificial tree this year...that way when we get back I won't have a dead tree and needles everywhere to clean up. It was prelit and let me just say "THAT ROCKS!!!". I just wish real trees came prelit too and that would be the bomb. The girls ask everyday if they can open 1 present and I am such a push over that I usually let them. (Not the big ones, just the dollar store ones) They don't care, half the time it is just ripping the paper off that floats their boat.
Cory got 100% on his final on Friday and I am so proud...not so much because he got 100% but because so many other guys had trouble. Does that make me shallow? Cory says it does but I disagree, I don't want to rub it in I just like him to be the smartest in the class...whats wrong with that?
I am more excited and have more energy lately than I have in months...I know it is because I am going home...dang I miss you guys! Soon I keep telling myself...soon.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

More pictures of the house

Just thought I would show you guys a few more pics of the new homestead. I painted the provo craft letters and sanded the edges and I altered this table and chair set from IKEA. Everything is coming along...slowly. More to come.

First real snow

The girls were so excited about the snow they went out and made snow angels...you can wee the darks spots in the grass. It is funny that they didn't seem to notice the freezing temperatures because they were having so much fun. I stayed indoors like any sane person and made hot cocoa for the girls and warmed up blankets...they had those red rosy cheeks when they came back in and Dene said she couldn't feel her chin. They amde snow balls and threw them at eachother, but there really wasn't that much accumulation. They are expecting more snow over night and more tomorrow, we are hoping to build a snowman as soon as we can. I will take tons of pics.

Christmas decorations are done...the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. I made a huge wreath for the front of out house and it was prelit. It is beautiful if I do say so myself but we are having issues with finding an outlet to light it up...these 96 year old houses do not have outlets outside. Later all.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I've Been so Busy

I can't believe I have been so deliquent in updating my blog, but in my defense I have been out of the country. Ok so a weekend trip to Canada doesn't sound as impressive...But it has been an eventful couple of weeks
We had a super Saturday and I was busy getting ready for it and I still haven't cleaned up my scrap room either.
Thanksgiving was so nice, a little lonely but nice. We had a family over who was dealing with some health issues and making a turkey dinner wasn't going to happen for them so I got to spoil them. Everything turned out great except that my Mother in Law makes these rolls that are to die for and I used her recipe and they were great but not nearly as good as her. I am going to have to work on it.
The Friday following Thanksgiving we jumped in the car and headed to Canada to spend some time with my parents...And eat some yummy food. My parents jammed into 3 days about two weeks worth of adventures. There was shopping and eating and water parks and birthday parties and underground parking and valet parking...It was a blast. The girls want to spend every weekend up in Canada.
Crossing the border was easier than expected...Going there... But coming back the line up to go over the Peace Bridge was miles long. After inching along for over 2 hours we finally made it back into the great USA. It was the first time I felt like I was coming home instead of leaving it, I must be an American now.
I have a new calling in church...I am the Nursery Leader...And we have a huge nursery...yikes!
I told the Bishop that I have been in nursery or sunbeams for the last 5 years so I am hoping it won't be "for a long time" calling.
Now I am getting ready for Christmas, buying presents and making a few things and things to boot. I need a personal helper...or a personal stand behind me with a whip helper.
We are leaving for our Christmas vacation in AZ in 19 short days and I am counting them down with anticipation...I am more excited than I can say.
That is all for now I will try and post some pics from Canada trip.
One L