Monday, September 21, 2009

Capital Trip

We went to Washington DC last weekend and it was quite the experience. The no parking thing made me a little crazy for a bit but eventually I got over it and enjoyed walking 6 miles around DC with my sweet family especially the little girl who complained the entire time about her sore feet!!

Eating was expensive but fun...we had to walk everywhere so by the end of the day we settled for something close to the hotel, and for once in my life I wasn't in the mood for Chinese!
Some things we had to do a driveby because of some marathon going on and the roads were closed and after one day of marathon walking I wasn't up to it again the next morning.
The Lincoln Memorial was the one thing I was super excited to was just as magnificent in person. I especially enjoyed the quotes on either side of the statue.

But Cory and my favorite site was the World War memorial...we many lives given to keep the world free...the quotes were so moving.
The girl's favorite part was spending time with daddy...especially when he whacked them with the hotel pillows!
Here are the girls at the beginning of our tour of the city looking pretty happy and excited to see all the sites. Unfortunately we picked the weekend when there was a march re: it was a bit tense at times with people with bull horns yelling stuff at the White House...but I was impressed everyone used appropriate language and they were all polite and well behaved. Now that is my kind of protester! I get all uncomfortable when protesters get in your face and you think if they knew you didn't agree with them they might hurt you.
The museums were great...Cory loved the air and space one the most. The girls love the natural history one mostly because of the gems...they just love all the shiny jewels! Its all about the bling!
This a picture of the girls just before we left for home...they were sooooo done!

Of course any trip to Washington would be incomplete without seeing the Temple...magnificent!
Well that is our trip in a big nutshell!
One L

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Busy

That's a lie...I really haven't been too busy to update my be honest I got a new camera and couldn't figure out how to take the SD card out. That makes me sound kind of stupid. Truth hurts sometimes!
Cory finally showed me how to even locate the my defense it was in with the batteries...what the heck is with that?
So now I have the daunting task of updating about a dozen fun things that have happened!

We went to a baseball game Pirates and the Cardinals...Pittsburgh lost but Cory said that was no surprise. We had yummy food and really enjoyed the fireworks after!

We went back to school shoe shopping...who doesn't love shoe shopping??

Back to school...ahhh the joy... the bliss... the no more day care of it all!!!! Need I say more?
We had fondue night...let me just say...AWESOME!!!!! Good friends good food that is what life is all about!

We went to Kennywood and fun was had by all...I am pleased to announce that both my daughters have inherited my love of rides that scare the crap out of you and make you throw up!
Dene was sad because she was too short to ride a bunch of the freaky rides but she went on the Pitt Fall with her dad because mom was a little too scared for this one. Its the ride that takes you straight up and then drops you like a rock all in about 2 seconds!
We really did have a super day!Last but not least we spent Labor Day with friends...Kelly was crazy enough to invite everyone to her house...btw her house is so amazing...they moved the staircase and it looks so beautiful!
Thats all for now
One happy L