Thursday, June 17, 2010


These last few weeks have really brought to the fore front the many blessings my family has enjoyed or maybe a better phrase might be...unbeknownst to them enjoyed.
Cory graduated
Cory got a job in AZ
The house sold quickly
I have some super cool friends who really love me
I had some scary test results eventually come back that all is well.
We fit everything I wanted in the POD!
No one cried...we all know we will see eachother again soon. (OK Jonece and her friends bawled like babies but they ARE preteens)
Closing went without a hitch.
Our money was in our account the next day.
We got everything in the car and car top carrier.
We headed off to Kirtland with joy in our hearts...not only because we were heading home but because these last four years though hard at times has been such a growing experience for all of us and it was good.
We were blessed to arrive safe in AZ even though we had our roof rack break and some car trouble.
We are blessed to have family that loves us enough to let us all move in for a few weeks...I don't know if I could be that magnanimous!
We found a house to rent in Tuscon that both Cory and I loved and when we submitted our application it was accepted.

I know I could write an entire post about the unpleasant crap that has happened these last few weeks but in the end everything turned out so I think I will focus on the outcome.
I am grateful my Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and watches over us and blesses us with what we need when we do all we can do and then ask in faith.
Later dudes
One grateful L

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hardest Part

One of the hardest things about packing up and leaving PA is saying goodbye to the friends we have made here...especially the babies. It makes me sad to think that they will never remember me or my girls. I know we will see them again...maybe not right away but we will see them again...but they will have grown and we won't be there to see it. And we will be strangers.
Kristy will have another baby up in Detroit and we won't get to meet the little sweetie.
I know a few of us have planned to get together next year here in PA. I am excited to come back and visit. Elise and Megan will be getting ready to move and so many others will still be here too!

I would be lying if I said it has been a great 4 years...that first year was a tough one! I am glad Cory chose Pitt...I have really enjoyed these last 3 years. I have made some friends that will last forever. I wish I could take you in my pocket and take you all to AZ with me!

These last few weeks have been fun, helping some move and having so many little fun dinners and girl's nights. I am glad we are the last to leave. It gave us the time to spend time with our friends. I was afraid to pack up the kitchen because we don't have the money to eat out everyday but thanks to some great friends I packed up the kitchen a few days ago and we have been well fed. I love you guys!
We missed saying goodbye to a few people but no biggie...we will see them again.

The next chapter begins...spending time with my best friends in AZ especially my sister and Jackie. I have really missed them. I am so glad they came to Cory's graduation even though my sister got hit on the head and got a concussion.
Looking to the future...but never forgetting the past.
One Lucky L