Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Caroline!!!

This is my sister Care (with Greg)...whom I love to death! She is turning 34 on the 28th of January and I just think the world of her! She is crafty, artistically talented, an awesome cook, a patient loving mother, a hardworking wife, a wonderful sister, a great friend, and an example for all who are blessed to have her in their lives.
Since having babies we have struggled with our weight...she is doing this thing...from the couch to 5K. I am so proud of her...I hate running but she is on her treadmill and running outside and she is going to be able to run a 5K!!! I am so proud of her. Way to go Care!
I was older when Caroline was born and I decided that my parents were less than adequate so I decided I would raise her...I was 11 going on 30. So I rocked her to sleep every night and took her for walks to the mall. We shared a room and I would pull her crib over to my bed so she could hold my finger and fall asleep. I walked her to school (Kindergarten) everyday and made her blueberry pancakes on the weekends. I hugged her and kissed her and told her I loved her almost everyday...I thought I was doing her a favor but it was me who got the prize. She was so sweet and I enjoyed spending time with her. When I went away to college she would come and spend weekends with me at the dorm. When my boys were born she was the only one who came over to help...she was so great with Greg. so I got the prize of a sister who is also a best friend.
I know I am lucky to have her in my life and I hope she has a great week...Happy birthday sista!
Love ya
One sappy L

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day

After our latest trip to AZ Cory has finally conceded that AZ is the place to call home. This is a picture of Cory with his sister and younger brother (he has 5 older ones). It is kinda funny how things have changed here...I have found some pretty awesome friends here in PA and though I still miss my bestest friends in AZ I am finally carving out a social life that resembles the one I had back home in Gilbert. Don't fret my friends I have no intention of staying here! But Cory is really missing his brothers and that we have been away for almost 3 years he now knows there is no place like home...and home is family!
I used to think I would have a hard time keeping in touch with the new friends I have made here but now I realize that is just not who I am...I don't love (deep friendship love) easily so when I make the leap it is forever! I truly love my friends and though I suck at mailing letters and packages I am pretty good at the ocassional call and semi frequent texts.
I miss my sister...seeing her at Christmas was bitter sweet...the more we see eachother the harder it is to say goodbye! Spending time with old friends makes me happy and sad too. But life is so fun in that we have opportunities to grow and make new friends.
The weather is horrid but I am in good spirits...must be the anti-depressants!! (Or maybe the recent head injury) Or maybe it was all that glorious sunshine I soaked up in seasonal affect disorder is barely noticeable.
Well Cory is happy to return to AZ in 16 months (if he can find a job there) and I am possitively giddy! I know I told Cory I was moving back to AZ with or without him...but I really would have missed him. So we are all on the same page and life is good!
I hope everyone is all snuggly warm!
Love to you my friends!
One L

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Reason to Dislike Winter

Yesterday I got a call from the school at around 11:00 informing me that Jonece had puked in class and needed to be picked up. Normally this would not be a problem but Cory and the rest of us had slept in (we are still partially on AZ time) and I told Cory to take the girls to school and take the car. So I called a few friends to ask if they could help me out but to no avail. I went to my neighbor's house to ask them if I could get a ride but everyone was afraid to drive in the ice. I slipped and slid all over the place hoping Cory would answer my calls but he was with a patient. While crossing the road I slipped and cracked my head on the brick road. Well at least that is what I assume happened since I couldn't really remember anything except crawling on the sidewalk and then I was lying on my living room floor crying. Not just sniffling but sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn't remember how to use my phone and I was dizzy and heaving, I was a mess. I called Rachelle and asked her to call Tyson but it took me forever to remember his name. Then by some Divine intervention my friend who is a nurse called and before you know it I was on my way to the ER and had a CT scan and contrary to popular opinion my brain is normal. I have a concussion and I feel so silly. I know I acted weird but they say it was probably the head injury (at least that is the story I am sticking to) I could barely speak between my sobs and I know I kinda freaked out Rachelle and Mandi not to mention Cory when he finally called me back. I very much hate the snow and ice. I hate crying infront of other people.
Jonece was picked up by my friend Terry, the one who owns the coffee shop...and she watched the girls till we got home from the hospital.
I feel stupid for getting hurt and everything but I know my Heavenly Father is aware of me and is blessing me with good friends and knows when I need him and sends help. I know I am getting better faster because of the prayers of my friends and family and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and its not because of the drugs.
I am off to bed...stay safe and watch out for those patches of ice that jump out from nowhere.
One cracked L

Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I got the best gift ever this year...I got to spend Christmas with all 4 of my children! This top picture is my eldest boy, Greg! Isn't he a good looking young man? I hadn't seen him since Christmas 2006! two years is a long time to wait in mother years!
Sometimes I think Greg looks a bit like Cory...I know they are not biologically related but he has been his dad since Greg was 11. My first baby is now 22 and getting married in May.

We spent Christmas day at Caroline's but opened presents at Grandma's house early in the morning. Santa found them in AZ just like I said he would and they were very happy with their digital cameras.
Greg joined us at Caroline's for the day and a fabulous dinner that I didn't have to cook!

Christmas Eve we spent with Cory's family and we did a nativity and Dene was Mary and Cory was Joseph. Jonece was the narrartor and Cory's nephew Mason was all three of the wise men. The rest of us were the audience and let me just was marvelous!
We spent a few hours almost every day visiting Chris at his had nothing to do with the fact that he has a Wii and Wii fit. The girls love spending time with their brothers...and their toys.
Cousins cousins and more cousins are a recipe for fun! How can anyone go through life without an extended would be so sad. We are so grateful that we have so many cousins and they all get along...well not counting fights between siblings.
We spent time with friends and the girls never wanted to leave...either did I. I went with my good friends Amy and Michelle, along with Nicole, Sandy and my sista Caroline to see the movie Twilight! I LOVED it! I am glad I waited because their were no screaming teenagers and I got lost in the movie. They did such a good job casting, except for Jasper and Rosalee...even the actor who played Edward grew on me.
Last but not by any means least our little baby Dene got Baptized! She was so excited and all it took was one dunk. The confirmation prayer gave me goosebumps and I am so proud of her. She loves her scriptures and is very excited to participate in Achievement days.
What a whirlwind holiday! I loved soaking up the sun and I loved the big blue sky. I loved seeing the mountains and I didn't even mind when it rained. AZ is home and I miss everything and everyone that makes it what it is to us.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and if you made it to the end of this long post you are truly a friend!
Love and all that jazz
One L