Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life's Most Embarrassing Moment

Yesterday Cory had just come home and I had been slaving in the kitchen and was soaked with sweat...I lifted my shirt to show my husband my sweat drenched underclothing and as I was standing there with my shirt up I saw a young man with a black and white name tag with his hand raised ready to knock on our glass screen door...the look on his face totally meant he saw...I don't I will ever be able to live this down. Cory will never let me forget!
Still no pictures because my sweet husband left the camera in Washington...our friends said they will mail it but that could a while so bear with me and the pictureless posts!
One flashing L

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look at my other blog! is the address and there is a link up in the left hand corner of my blog...I am going to show off some of the crafts I made and do some "step by step how to's"
I am having a FHE board giveaway. Check it out!
One generous L

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Half way

One week down and one week to go! I have survived many things this past network poisoning (I did it to myself)...thus horrible puking for hours on end...dead rat in the back yard...dropped my cell phone in the pool...sunburn...not to mention just a few!
On the bright side I have I have had many prayers answered...and no one is injured. Also I have had some fun times...playing at the pool with the girls and some friends.
Dinner with Radene and her fun crew (baby Lynea is precious) also watched the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale with Rachelle. I am so glad the girl won that I wanted to win (sorry I suck at remembering names).
The girls and I have had so many fun times together...especially when I am without daycare kids...we eat when we are hungry and just do whatever we want. We have the car and could go anywhere but we stay home most of the time.
I really like my girls...they are pretty cool for their age. Jonece is actually pretty witty and Dene is just a hoot. I guess if I had to spend 2 weeks without Cory again (which I think I might move heaven and earth to make sure we all go) I think we could survive.
That being said we still have another week to go. I pray everynight that we will all be safe and nothing else breaks til Cory gets home!
I have been creating up a storm but Cory took the camera so no pictures...sorry.
If you have nothin to and come hang with us!!
One L

Sunday, August 02, 2009


My husband has left for 2 weeks to play dentist in Washington State...he left this morning and I am already missing him.
Normally I might try to see the lots of girl time but I have my daycare kids 4 days this week and 5 next!
When I am sad I go shopping and buy shoes...but alas money is scarce til the end of the month!
Then there is the cooking thing...I cook to make Cory happy...the girls would prefer chicken nuggets and raman noodles. So, no fun girl days...sleeping alone in a creaky old house...these are a few of my not so favorite things. (can you hear the music?)
On the bright side I set up shop at Handmade in America on Saturday and if anything sells I could actually get a paycheck in early Sept.
Cory took the camera with him so I can't take any pictures of the fun things I made...maybe when he gets back.
Well I guess I will just sit here in my puddle of self pity and splash around for a few minutes and then I have to pull it together because I have 5 kids tomorrow!
Pray for me!
One singular L