Friday, October 19, 2007

'Look at That"

Dene's teacher called me in while I was at the school helping with the Book Fair, she wanted me to confirm what she already knew...Dene had forged my signature and she is only in the first grade! The teacher asked her if this was really her mom's signature and Dene looked her right in the eye and said "yes". When the teacher pressed her she admitted that she had signed my name. What a little monkey. Can you imagine what she is going to be like in 10 years...yikes I am sweating already.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Missing my sister

It was so nice spending time with Caroline and her sweet family, our time up in Canada with my mom was nice but when they were here it was GREAT! I miss cooking with my sister, we are a good team in the kitchen (she does dishes and constantly cleans the sink). We went shopping together and I could almost cry thinking about how much fun it was looking at stuff with someone who is just as crazy as I am. I have made some great friends here in PA but there is nothing like a sister to make you feel at home and all warm and fuzzy. It was so nice spending time with my nieces and only nefew on my side. Sadie is only a few months old but she is a kindred spirit...she is all smiles and though her parents may disagree is nothing but sunshine!
I talked to her today and she is feeling the same...I bought some pie crust yesterday...just because we were going to make butter tarts...and she went out and bought the same laundry detergent and dish soap just to feel closer to me...ahhh shucks
We are hoping to find a way to spend some time together before Christmas, either she will come here or the girls and I will come to AZ for a few days during their Christmas vaca.
Later dudes
One L