Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Dene

Dene had an "animal birthday party" this Monday and I made a cake that kinda looks like a horse. She is excited to be 7 years old. Her party was by far the best we have ever had and to think it was the cheapest too! I found a bunch of fun games on line and I found the directions for the cake on line too. I also learned how to make balloon animals online and you could even make out that it was a poodle to boot. Instead of expensive food we had hot "dogs" with chips and soda. It is funny that everyone was saying it was such a fun party...and I was afraid it would be a flop.
This week is turning out to be the most stressful week I have had in a long time. Monday was the birthday party, Tuesday I was in charge of the craft for brownies, Wednesday I had to print, sort, fold and distribute the 8 page newsletter for the PFO (all 540 copies). Thursday Super Saturday stuff and helping a friend with a poster plus a doctor's appointment oh and I am hosting girl's night at my house and we are doing Christmas ornaments...yikes! Then on Friday I have to finish the kits for Sat. and my parents are coming from Canada. Saturday we have the super sat and the girls are in the parade and I will be teaching 5 classes at the church and then my parents got a hotel with a pool so the girls can have a fun swim. Sunday is a day of rest...if I survive. I am looking forward to Sunday for sure. I wish all my crafty friends could come and visit this weekend and teach a class or two. I miss everyone this week.
Later everyone...pray for me.
One L

Friday, November 16, 2007


The weather here is getting colder by the minute. We took the girls out to a farm to pick out a pumpkin and they had a petting zoo and hay rides and the girls had a blast. You can see their rosy cheeks and eventhough the sun was shinning the wind just goes right through your clothes and chills you to the bone. They had some homemade apple cider to warm us all up and while Cory and the girls played at the park with the 100 foot slide I went shopping in the market and bought lots of yummy veggies and the Winesap apples are by far the best for eating. We had a fun day with daddy and we all treasure the hours he can spend with us without a book or packet to read. I will never take for granted the lazy days ever know the days that you just lay around all day with everyone home and underfoot. I used to complain...never again.
The boys are doing well in school, Greg is part time and Chris is full time. They are financially independent and that is scary too. I wish I could see them more often...they are poor and so are we right now so I will just have to be patient and before you know it school will be over and we will all see each other often!
I miss my friends guys can not be replaced...EVER!
later dudes and dudettes
One L

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Halloweew

The girls had a fun Halloween this year...the weather was great and they looked great. We only did our street and the one behind us and the girls were by far the most adorable trick or treaters in the whole state of PA. They have enough candy to keep a dentist in business for a few months for sure.
I asked Cory if we would give out sugarless gum or toothpaste when he is a dentist...he said heck no! He said we would give out whole snickers bars and then he said we would have to give something that stuck to the teeth and caused tooth decay. Looking out for the future.
We have been having a bit of a chilly week here with the highs in the 50's and the lows around freezing. Our furnace/boiler uses gas...alot of gas so we are trying to hold off turning it on but our little electric heaters are just not cutting it...brrrrr. Cory loves the cold weather but I am an AZ girl through and through...I hate being cold. By the way did I mention at this very moment my fingers are freezing...I haven't broken down to wearing mittens in the house yet.
The girls had a Halloween Parade at school with class parties that followed. I was a helper for Jonece's class and I got to peek in on Dene as well. They have great teachers this year and I am trying to spend more time at the school. Being on the PFO (PTO) is harder than I thought it would be. If one more person suggests I should run for president I think I will scream.
Well there was some drama in our little girls night of the girls decided that they wanted it to be just for student wives and no one else. Well needless to say I had a fit. We started this group because we felt like everyone else had their cliques and we were not welcome to join, so we created this girls night that invites everyone and anyone. Now they wanted to change it. Needless to say I am now taking over our girls night and the other girls are starting their own little clique. Drama drama drama I guess I can't complain this is the first sniff of drama since we moved here so I guess I really can't boo hoo too much about it. There are only a few things that get me going and I guess trying to make our girls night exclusive this was one of them.
Have a great day everyone.
One L