Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Clean Sink

When I miss my sister Caroline I clean my sink...her sink is always clean, and it reminds me of her. How do you get through the holidays without your family? I am feeling less than jolly this year but I promise to not be too depressing.
I must admit there is something about having a clean sink that makes me a little bit happier. I guess in some ways I could stand in front of my sink and forget that the rest of my house is a disaster area.
I have so many things to do and I haven't done any of it. I am usually a procrastinator but this year I am a don'tgiveahootifitgetsdoner. I know my friends and family will still love me if they get their Christmas presents in February!
As soon as I finish a craft I will post pictures...but don't hold your breath for it to happen before Christmas.
One L

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Girl and Her Dog

What a cutie, Dene loves all animals but of course her favorite is Cookie. She lives for the day when Cookie will have puppies but I am afraid she would have a breakdown when we sold the puppies and I have no desire to have more than one dog.
Dene has decided that she no longer wants to have bangs and I am torn. She looks so much like her father when her high forehead is showing, which is something I like but she looks so much younger with bangs and she is my baby.
Cookie is in need of a bath and a haircut. Cory wants to shave her...the easy way out, but I love her long hair I just hate brushing her. She gets matted so easily that I might side with Cory on this one. I have a friend who usually takes care of the trimming and baths but she has been busy and my dog stinks!
It has been so nice having Cory around these last few days even though he has his nose in his study cards for boards. It will be nice to have his boards behind him and have him just focusing on the task at emptying the dishwasher!! JK
We have been out shopping up a storm...ok so it has been at Walmart, Goodwill, Big Lots and the dollar store but hey the kids will never remember what they got they just want to open presents.
We hope this Christmas Season is the best ever for all our friends and family.
We love all of you and miss the ones far away.
One L

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crazy Days of December

This month has been the longest month so far this year and we are less than half way through it. It might have something to do with Super Saturday being on the first and Enrichment being last night. I am exhausted, not so much physically but mentally. I am just so happy that I only have to focus on my own little family now...and NOW I am starting to freak out. I have so many homemade Christmas gifts that I have not even started...and I have to mail some of them out soon! Breath...breath...breath I know that my friends and family will understand if this Christmas is less than extravagant but I love to make and give gifts all year long and Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. I have discovered so many cool crafts and I will post pictures soon.
Cory is half way through hell week aka finals. 10 finals in 5 days is crazy if you ask me. I have not seen so many grown men look scared to death as I have this week. "C"'s are flying around like crazy this semester. Unfortunately, if they get 2 C's they will go on academic probation and they cannot write their boards in January. Yikes! Cory is sweating up a far so good no "C"'s as we speak but he still has 6 finals to go.
Jonece and Dene are getting sick and I have decided to let them sleep in this starts in 10 minutes and they are still sleeping all snug in their beds. I know this makes me a loser mom on some levels but they are both smart and doing well in school so I feel OK about letting them miss a morning or 2 now and then. Besides, they were out late last night with me at Enrichment and they played quietly for the most part so I owe them as well.
I hope all my friends and family out there know how much we all love them...we are so rich with blessings that our cup runneth over.
One L