Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Flu Affect

Lost another 9 lbs...oh wait that was a result of the flu from that means as soon as I drink some water all the weight will come back. Well it was nice to see 240...even if it was a lie.
Dene lost like 6 lbs...she was so kind of scared me. I don't want my girls to have weight issues. My older sister had bulimia issues and my little sister stopped eating as a young teenager.
I know my struggle is affecting my family...they see me exercise and eat healthy...they see the frustration at my mediocre results.
I have been slacking lately...all the money...Christmas around the corner...I know I should take all the stress and ride my bike all the way to Phoenix but instead all I want to do is crawl under a rock and stay there until everything is better. Unfortunately I can't do that so I crawl into myself and hide. I don't go out...I don't even want to make crafts...its like I go into a walking coma. I go about my daily tasks...take the girls to school, shower, etc but I don't want to do it...I just do it because I don't have a choice. I want to want to do things...I even force myself to do things. Like I am doing a Christmas craft in Dene's class in the morning and I am dreading it...but I know I have to get out and do things or I will just mope around the house all day.
Sounds like depression doesn't it? But this is something I have way of not dealing with my scary life right now. Its really not like me...well I hope its not like me...I like to think of myself as a go getter...a problem solver...the creative thinker...the doer...if something is broken I fix it (or at least get someone to fix it) If someone is sick I bring them dinner, if someone is down I try to lighten the load...where did SHE go?
It can't be Seasonal Affect Disorder the sun shines every day.
I am in a funk and I have to get out of it...and soon.
I don't want to gain the weight back that it took me 8 weeks to lose...I have to stay strong and focused...I have to find it inside myself.
I think I will take this to the Lord as well.
Sorry for the downer is part of my weight loss struggle since I eat more when I am stressed.
Wish me luck
One blue L

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Son of a Nutcracker!

That pretty much sums up my last few weeks.
Finished the 8 week challenge in first place...yeah for me!
Cory was "let go" from his job at Pacific Dental Services a week before Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving was supposed to be at my house but so few of Cory's family could make it to Tucson it was moved to Gilbert. Its hard to cook in a kitchen that is not yours.

Things I have learned...I am a stress/boredom eater.
Has life been stressful these last few weeks?..Bells YES!
The Challenge was good for me...I lost weight and gained a better understanding of my relationship with food. I never realized how much we ate out until I was not allowed to have fast food for 6 days of the week.
Have I figured it all out and the pounds are just dropping off...NO... I wish!
Losing weight is so hard. Eating right and exercising is easy.
I am feeling defeated today...but I am not giving up.

I am glad Cory is finished with PDS, the management here in Tucson is just awful, so disorganized and shady...I hate shady. Cory is so honest and they wanted him to exaggerate and mislead patients and that just isn't right. We knew it wasn't going to be a great partnership but Cory was committed to giving them his best til Christmas...then he would have quit if things were not better. I guess they just made the decision for us a little early.
This Christmas will be lean...but at least Cory won't have to check his integrity at the door.
Cory has some interviews next week and we are pretty much sure a move is in the near future...again. But what can you do? I am secretly excited...I love the area here and love being close to family but in the end if Cory is happy and making money then life is good...and its only for 3 years and then our plan is to open his own that means alot of saving and no real spending. I can live with that. The girls are old enough that I can get a job and pay off those student loans a little faster.
My weight...I just don't want to talk about it today....or tomorrow. I feel like I am getting smaller...but the scales are mean. I know muscle weighs more than fat but you can only tell yourself that for 8 weeks before you know there is more to it than that.
I am not giving up, I have just lost some wind. I will gt it back and kick my own butt.
later friends
One L

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Give Up

Wait...I am not quitting the weight loss agenda or the 8 week challenge...I give up trying to do this on my own. I have been doing everything right...eating, exercising and still no real results. So I have decided that like in AA you must first admit you have a problem (done) and then take it to the Lord.
I will continue to do all I can do and then just put the rest on the Lord. I have been going to this little Santuary Cove on my bike rides and taking advantage of the ambiance and praying. I have been asking for help, pleading for understanding, begging for an unbroken metabolism.
I know that all the diets and all the times I have lost the weight and put it back on have destroyed my metabolism and I don't want to do the drug route so I have asked the Lord to repair it. I have been blessed with miracles of healing before so why not now?
Since yesterday I can really feel a difference...I know that sounds day? But I can! I feel like this is the first day of the rest of my life. I don't feel alone anymore.
Don't get me wrong Cory and the girls have been so over the top supportive and that has really helped but I have been alone inside...but not anymore.
I know my Heavenly Father has always loved me...I am glad I remembered that he can do hard things with me.
One Lighter L

Monday, November 01, 2010


Being a Canadian has it disadvantages at is one of those times. I believe in voting and when people complain about the government I always ask, "did you vote?" and if they said no...I would forfeited your right to complain! So I try not to complain...but heated discussions are always fun.
My father was always active in politics in Canada and he instilled in me a sense of responsibility when it comes to voting. I feel like such a loser when elections come around and I cannot vote. I tell myself to get off the pot and get my US citizenship already!
People ask me all the time what I think of socialized medicine because Canada had it. Well it is nice to be able to go to the doctor without the fear of the cost...but nothing is ever free. What you gain in peace of mind you lose in higher taxes and patient care.
A lot of people are fired up and can't wait until November to vote...the more the merrier. It is always better when the majority of people vote...then you know it is the will of the people.
I love the United States of American...and I love my fair share of Americans...I hope everyone will vote tomorrow and keep their right to complain!
One Canadian L

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on My Madness

Have I figured everything out? Ofcourse not! Have I lost some weight? Who knows? Have I been dong the program 100% Bells yes! Do I like! Do I like writing in my journal everyday and reading scriptures...yes!
The food thing is kinda funny...I don't miss the sugar at all...white flour avoidance is a nuisance...eating fruit...easy...eating veggies...not so bad. Drinking all my water makes me pee all the time...another nuisance. So I try to have it all in me by suppertime.
The 7 hours of sleep has been easier than I thought it would be...I have only had to have a short nap once in over 3 weeks. No eating after 8 is so easy since I hate eating after 6...makes my tummy hurt.
Doing an act of kindness has been super easy since I love doing things for my friends and family.
So tell me why I am hating this? Is it because deep down inside I hate being told what I can and cannot do? Is it something deeper? I want to do the whole 8 weeks but I am not enjoying butt hurts...and I have to pee all the time.
The motto for this challenge is "I can do hard things"...maybe I can do hard things when I don't have a choice but would anyone really choose to do hard things? I like soft my bed...clouds and fluffy towels. Hard things are yucky like sugar free candies that get stuck in your throat, cranky old people and my bicycle seat.
Do I sound like a spoiled kid who doesn't want to clean up a mess they made? Wait don't answer that! I want/like to exercise...but I am having trouble finding something that doesn't hurt my butt or aggravate my plantar pool is out of the question now..way chilly! We are strapped right now with Cory working only part joining a gym has to wait.
Someone call a waaambulance... I am such a whiner right now.
Lets switch to the positive...I feel good overall. I know I have lost clothes are fitting a bit differently. Jonece and Dene have cut way back on their sugar intake...Jonece is even doing most of my challenges with me. I have started journalling again...I am sleeping better...I have more psoriasis looks great...I am finding some kick butt no sugar recipes...I am enjoying Meredith's rolls with whole wheat flour. I am sure there are a lot more positives but right now I can't think of any. I just got back from a hour long bike ride and I need a shower.
I have made no progress mentally...I still have no idea why I...on some level...fear losing weight. I will continue to try and figure it...promise me you will all continue to pray for me...I have to keep going and I can't do it alone.
Love to all
One sore butt L

Saturday, October 02, 2010

8 Weeks to Madness

If you don't absolutely love me stop reading right now!

So I am doing this 8 weeks to wellness right now and it is hard but it seems to be worth it. I have lost about 4 lbs in the first week but that is probably just water weight. I have committed myself to trying for at least the first 4 weeks. Since the first week is done I have 3 weeks to go...and I can stand on my head for that length of time! So I can do this right? right???
I have made a bigger commitment to myself and that is losing weight...I bought a scale at the beginning of this adventure and it shocked me...265lbs...that is really hard for me to write down for all the world to see. But since you are still reading you absolutely love me and won't judge me or mock me in any way.
I have struggled with my weight for long time...I realize it is more than just a very slow metabolism, I have issues that started at about 18. I was very cute and had a rockin bod...I got alot of attention that I was very uncomfortable with...after I got husband was possessive, jealous and mean. Somewhere deep down inside I thought it was all my fault and if I just made myself unattractive enough things would be better. Well that was a load of crock I sold myself. After my divorce the weight fell off and I was feeling great...but good things never last. I was assaulted and again deep down inside I blamed I put some weight back on to protect myself from these kinds of things. Again I sold myself a pile of poo...but you have to understand hind sight is 20/20 and at the time it was mostly subconscious.
Met Twain and fell in love...went back to a nice normal more healthy weight. Then he died and I cocooned myself again from the world with an extra 50 lbs. Thinking no one would love me at that weight so I was safe from ever getting hurt again...another pile of you know what.
Fell in love with Cory and all bets were off. I feel safe...I feel loved...I think if I received unwanted attention I could handle why do I have all these extra lbs on still? Good question and when I figure that out I am sure the weight will be easier to lose.
But I can't wait any weight is a health concern.
I looked into surgery and went through all the steps...but when we prayed about it I felt strongly that I shouldn't do it at this time.
I guess I have to figure this out and conquer it myself.
I can't believe I am sharing this on my blog...and its not even private.
I am going to use my blog as a kind of journal for my honest to holes it or die...attempt at becoming healthier...and we all know that means losing weight.
Pray for me please...I cannot do this alone...I am not strong enough.
One not so skinny L

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yes it is 3am and I can't sleep. I have a cold with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I am not complaining just stating the facts. I am surrounded by so much illness right now I would feel like an idiot if I was whining about a little cold.
My Grandma...the lady I grew up loving so much, is dying. She had a few little stokes but she is slipping away and I can't go see her. I don't have my Canadian passport yet.
Cory's mom just got diagnosed with colon cancer and is having her surgery Thursday morning. This just after his dad had his major heart attack and surgery. Both my parents are in poor health and I feel so far away.
Don't get me wrong I know that this life is just a pinprick in time and that when we die we are reunited with our loved ones. I am not sad for my Grandma, she has led an inspiring long life. I am sad that my girls didn't really get the chance to know her and spend time with her. I hope she knows how much I love her. She is the best! When I was a kid I would go up to Parry Sound (northern Ontario) and spend a few weeks every summer. I have the best memories of her. Except she loved to bake with walnuts...I hate walnuts.
Death is such a funny thing. Not ha ha funny the peculiar kind of funny. I am not afraid to die, and I have been to my fair share of funerals and lost a few loved ones. To me death is a tragedy when a young person dies especially children and parents of young is so sad to think a child would grow up without a mom or a dad. But as we grow older it is not a tragedy so much...just hard to say goodbye for a while.
When Twain died I asked God to take me home before anyone else so I would never have to bury someone I loved again but I have relented and no longer feel that way. It is hard to watch parents and grandparents struggle with health issues but it is part of growing older. Hearts don't last forever...yet.
Wow I am a downer at 3 am...sorry for the sad post.
Call your grandparents and parents...tell them how you feel.
One L

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vegas Baby!

First Day at the new school...thank goodness the girls really like their teachers.
Can you believe Jonece is a 6th grader? Dene is in 4th...crazy! My baby girls are so grown up.
We went to Vegas for Elder Tidwell's homecoming and stopped in at the M&M store...I just kept thinking we could buy a super huge bag of M&M's for the price of a few soooo that's what we did. We stopped at Target and I bought 4 bags of candy!

The sights were amazing...we watched people free fall from a tower and ride a rollercoaster partially indoors. We also saw some interesting advertising that reminded us why they call it Sin City. We would love to go back when we have some money so we can stay in a themed hotel that caters to families.
I was also my birthday weekend but I couldn't find anything I Coach store in sight!
Look at all these handsome return Missionaries...can you believe they are almost all from the Pittsburgh mission?
Here's a picture with a few of our favs...Chandler Tidwell, Griffin May and Kyle Black...all single girls!

With the exception of the drive home I am glad we was so good to see the guys again. It was super fun getting to meet Chandlers family...they are so fun I could totally hang with them any day of the week.
Oh I went to a site that makes books from your blogs and bought one for my birthday...all 5 years in a book. It was the best 87 bucks I have ever spent. Now I don't have to fear somehow losing all my posts and I can rest easy thinking in a way I have produced a journal for my posterity.
I included comments but next time I think I will leave them out, not because your comments are not important it is because sometimes I have pages and pages of just comments.
I loves ya all!
One older L

Friday, July 30, 2010

New House

As some pictures of the new house. I am loving the 2 bathrooms and the wide open spaces. The best part of the "new house" is the pool. The girls have lived in it this last month. It is a salt water pool so I have also enjoyed it as it doesn't bother my psoriasis as much as a chlorine pool does.
The living room with our new it!
Entrance way with my new mirror...totally scored this one, I only paid 60 bucks for it! I am all that and a bag of chips...yes the queen of bargain I being prideful?
Sliding glass doors out to the pool and that thing on the floor is Cookie...I am surprised how much she likes sleeping on the tile.
This is the dining area, my old table looks great with the colors.
This is the office/den alcove off the kitchen.
Kitchen...with a gas stove...yeah! I am having to adjust a few of my recipes for the new stove but so far so good. Can you see all the counter space?
I must say it is harder to keep this kitchen clean...the gas stove is not as spill friendly as the glass top and the counters become the dumping spot for everything from the mail to makeup.

Yes this is a section of my craft room...what a mess! A hot mess!
Well we are loving Tucson and I have been blessed with an amazing ward that has welcomed me with open arms and I have met some wonderful people. I know some of us will be great friends. It is such a stark contrast to my experience in the took me forever to find a friend and here I feel like I already have a handful!
Cory is adjusting to working better than I am...I got used to having him around 24/7 and now during the week he is gone for the better part of the day. We are lucky to have him home by 6:30pm...yuck! He still finds it difficult to be referred to as Dr. Thompson...too funny!
The girls start school on the 9th of August...they are not as happy as I am about that. They need more structure and time away from each other or someone is going to get hurt.
That is all for now, I do miss so many of the super cool people back in the you guys!
One L

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Done and Done

We got the house we wanted...the one with the salt water northern Tucson. We emptied the PODS just Cory and I. Slowly but surely I am unpacking and putting things away. I have some pictures but to be honest I want to wait until the house is cute before I post pics.

Our new address is
8021 North Higgins Feather Dr.
Tucson AZ 85743
Phones remain the same!

I have had fun spending time with family and friends.
My good friends Amy and two L's (Michelle) took me to see was too fun.
I still haven't seen so many of my good friends...I hope you all forgive me.
It's only about an hour and a half from our house to the valley but it would have to be a daytime thing because I still fade so quickly in the evenings.

Pittsburgh friends...I miss you!!!!
I was thinking about taking the girls camping and immediately thought to call Radene and Mandy...then I remembered you guys are back in the Burgh...bummer.
I went out to dinner with Italian restaurant....NOT! they can't even touch the Burgh when it comes to Italian food...but the Mexican food here is so YUMMY...its a trade off I know.
Love you all
One Tucson L

Thursday, June 17, 2010


These last few weeks have really brought to the fore front the many blessings my family has enjoyed or maybe a better phrase might be...unbeknownst to them enjoyed.
Cory graduated
Cory got a job in AZ
The house sold quickly
I have some super cool friends who really love me
I had some scary test results eventually come back that all is well.
We fit everything I wanted in the POD!
No one cried...we all know we will see eachother again soon. (OK Jonece and her friends bawled like babies but they ARE preteens)
Closing went without a hitch.
Our money was in our account the next day.
We got everything in the car and car top carrier.
We headed off to Kirtland with joy in our hearts...not only because we were heading home but because these last four years though hard at times has been such a growing experience for all of us and it was good.
We were blessed to arrive safe in AZ even though we had our roof rack break and some car trouble.
We are blessed to have family that loves us enough to let us all move in for a few weeks...I don't know if I could be that magnanimous!
We found a house to rent in Tuscon that both Cory and I loved and when we submitted our application it was accepted.

I know I could write an entire post about the unpleasant crap that has happened these last few weeks but in the end everything turned out so I think I will focus on the outcome.
I am grateful my Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and watches over us and blesses us with what we need when we do all we can do and then ask in faith.
Later dudes
One grateful L

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hardest Part

One of the hardest things about packing up and leaving PA is saying goodbye to the friends we have made here...especially the babies. It makes me sad to think that they will never remember me or my girls. I know we will see them again...maybe not right away but we will see them again...but they will have grown and we won't be there to see it. And we will be strangers.
Kristy will have another baby up in Detroit and we won't get to meet the little sweetie.
I know a few of us have planned to get together next year here in PA. I am excited to come back and visit. Elise and Megan will be getting ready to move and so many others will still be here too!

I would be lying if I said it has been a great 4 years...that first year was a tough one! I am glad Cory chose Pitt...I have really enjoyed these last 3 years. I have made some friends that will last forever. I wish I could take you in my pocket and take you all to AZ with me!

These last few weeks have been fun, helping some move and having so many little fun dinners and girl's nights. I am glad we are the last to leave. It gave us the time to spend time with our friends. I was afraid to pack up the kitchen because we don't have the money to eat out everyday but thanks to some great friends I packed up the kitchen a few days ago and we have been well fed. I love you guys!
We missed saying goodbye to a few people but no biggie...we will see them again.

The next chapter begins...spending time with my best friends in AZ especially my sister and Jackie. I have really missed them. I am so glad they came to Cory's graduation even though my sister got hit on the head and got a concussion.
Looking to the future...but never forgetting the past.
One Lucky L

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cory did it! the day has come and he is now Dr. Cory Thompson...but he hates when we call him that.
We were so lucky to have so many of our family and friends make it to Pittsburgh to celebrate this day with us.
This is a shot of everyone except Jackie...the photographer and my sister Angie.

Doesn't he look handsome, even if he is making fun of everything. He couldn't wait to go home and change and just have a BBQ with our friends and family. No pomp or circumstance in this man.
It was totally fun having everyone here...even when it was hectic it was fun.
Now comes the sad part...saying good bye to the friends we have made here in Pittsburgh...I will miss them.
One L

Monday, May 10, 2010

We had the chance to go to the Science Center with our good friends and we spent most of our time at the sports building.

Rock climbing was fun.

But the went on the roller coaster simulator...and that was their favorite activity.
My favorite was the never ceases to amaze me the things the men and women of the military suffer to keep us all safe...thank you!
One L

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bucket List

We are moving in less than a month and I have to resign myself to the fact I am not going to see the beach or take the girls to Disney World or go inside the Washington Temple or visit NY or see the Liberty Bell in Philli or go to Hershy or go to a Pens game or spend a Sat morning at the Strip or see Amish country or ride the incline...I have wasted so much time being cheap.
I tell myself that once we are settled and have a good portion of student loans under control we can come back and do all that stuff without guilt for spending money we don't have! Seriously...I am sorry I didn't make Cory do all these things even if we had to borrow extra money and be in debt FOREVER. I don't know if we will ever do any of the things I wanted to do...can you really ever go back?
I know I will visit Pittsburgh again...I have some friends here I am not willing to forget. Also there is Giovanni' he my Italian love interest? No but I do feel a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I walk into his place. The best Italian food made by a Greek person in the whole world. I will dream about his pizza and sandwiches for the rest of my life.
On a happier note graduation is next Saturday and my sister Caroline and Cory's mom and my friend Jackie are flying here from AZ and we are so excited to have them. My parents are driving down from Canada on Saturday for the festivities as well. I love having company...I really do! I am especially excited to have my sister has been so hard being so far away from someone you love...and we have always been close in heart but now we can actually look forward to dinners together and swappin kids and girl's nights out and weekends scrapping and family up the kazoo. That thought makes me happy. I need my family (that includes Cory's family) around...I think it is medicine for the soul.
I am sad to leave PA on some levels but to be honest I am deeply overjoyed to be going home. I don't get attached to places so much because we moved so many times when I was growing up but I do get attached to people...but that is what facebook and blogging and cell phones and plane rides are for...seeing people you love.
I love my AZ friends and I love my PA friends and now it is time to switch places.
Later dudes
One AZ bound L

Friday, April 16, 2010


I guess it is all pretty much done except for the doing.
The house is sold and the inspection is done and we are good to go.
Cory passed all his boards...I am so proud.
Cory has only a few more restorations and he will be done at Pitt. He says he could be signed out of everything in the next 2 weeks.
Cory found a job in Tuscon and it looks like we will be moving there this summer.
We have been looking at houses to rent in northern Tuscon and found quite a few that we really like.
Now we just sit back and let life unfold. It has been so hectic and nerve racking around here I am not sure we remember how to just sit back and relax. We better figure it out though...Cory will be out of school by the end of April and have little to nothing to do until he starts work July 21st. We have to be out of our house by June 8th and we have not yet decided what we are doing.
Jonece is graduating 5th grade...I know it sounds crazy to be celebrating a fifth grade who drops out in the 4th? But here in Dormont it is a big deal and they have so many fun activities planned. Since we had a week stuck in the house because of the storm they have added a week to the end of the year to make up the lost time. Well that would mean school it extended until June 15th. We have a week where we will be homeless. Cory says it is poetic...we started here homeless in a hotel for over a week and we could end our adventure in PA in a hotel.
Even if we stay for an extra week in a hotel...we still have over a month until Cory starts work in Tuscon. I have decided to see this time as an opportunity to do a bunch of fun family maybe a nice vacation on the beach. Visit some family and super cool friends that feel like family. I just have to figure out what to do with all our stuff.
After all is said and done and we are settled in our new home and ward and state I think only then can I truly relax.
It is exciting to start this new adventure...we all look forward to no longer being poor...though Cory reminds me that we have a mountain of student loans to conquer...I think it will be better than this for sure.
Love to all
Can't wait to see all of you on a regular basis back in AZ.
Smooshes to all
One relieved L

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now The Real Fun Begins

The house is under contract after one short day on the market...we have a closing date of June Cory has to find a job.
These last few months it has been my job to get the house ready to sell and stage it and clean it and show it. Now my job is done and I can sit back and let go...everything is out of my hands now. Cory has job interviews that I know he will ace. He has a few things left to finish by the end of April in order to graduate on time. All the pressure lies squarely on his shoulders now and to be honest I am OK with that.
I want to move back to AZ but really...the world will not end if we have to spend a few years in Nevada or Texas. Its all up to Cory now.
Once Cory gets a job then I have to spring back into action and find a place to live. If he gets one of the jobs in AZ I know I will have lots of help in finding a rental...and eventually a house to buy. Then I will have the daunting task of buying some furniture and shopping for stuff...and you all know how much I hate shopping...NOT.
Life is good today
I hope you are all well and now that I am no longer under the gun I will have time for more fun keeping in touch with my friends.
love you all
One content L

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Time flies

Now that I am under the gun to get the house ready to show and finish all those last minute projects time is just flying by!
There are so many things I haven't done that I wanted to do here in PA and time is running out. I have scratched so many things off my bucket list because of taking the girls to Disney World. But I would still love to take them to the beach...there are so many nice ones in North and South Carolina...that is doable.
New York is still a possibility but again it depends on money...I hate that!
I have been so focused on getting out of the burgh...I forgot one thing...I can't take my friends here with me. I will miss so many people here...and no amount of sunshine will make that go away.
I have focused on the things I will not miss, like the roads, the Mexican food, the weather, the drivers, the parking and did I mention I will not miss driving here in any form?
I forgot all the things I love...I love my friends...I love my house...I love my neighbors...I love the food, I love my calling, I love Cory's calling and having the Missionaries over all the time. Its all so sad.
Why can't I have everything?
Why did I grow to love so many people here...haven't I learned how much it hurts to leave knowing you will never live there again? I tried to keep everyone at arms length...but dang it they slowly crept into my heart with their cute babies and big hearts. Some have left me already but now I am doing the leaving. Its so hard to keep in touch with everyone!
I hate you for making me love you! Now I will have to come back and visit...and endure more long distance friendships.
I am not crying...I am not crying.
I have to go blow my nose.
Love to all
One sad L

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am taking this opportunity to do a little please forgive me or just stop reading.
Dental School sucks! Or at least this one does. They make it so hard to graduate and on some levels hope for failure. "
In order to graduate you must complete a certain number of each procedure and that makes total sense. But the school gets in the way of the students when they are trying to finish all their requirements. They have all these hoops you must jump through and a simple procedure can take days. Their prices are not discounted very much so who in their right mind would want to have dental work done for the same price by a student that requires 2 visits of at least 3 hours when they can go to a dentist and get everything done in one hour?
Boards just pisses me off so much I am almost is just so poorly organized. Each student pays thousands of dollars to take practical boards which requires 3 parts (so sometimes 3 different patients). It is the student's responsibility to find the patients and make sure they show up. So what happens if your patient doesn't show are SOL! Not only do you FAIL that portion but you have to pay to retake them. Who has an extra 2 grand hanging around?
Cory's patients all showed up and he will find out on Monday how he did but others were not so just makes me sick! How can you force someone to come? They all get their work done for free and everybody pays their patients 50 to 200 buck to ensure they have done everything they can to encourage their people to show up...but sometimes they don't. The student has zero time to find a back-up and they fail. Does that sound fair on any level?
After today Cory has the written part of boards to do and that is over 3 or 4 days in March. Cory is almost done with his requirements so he is on target to be done by graduation in I am not freaking out for him I am just mad that you pay soooo much to go to dental school and you would think for all that money the school would have your back. You would think they would bend over backwards to help their students succeed. Nope! What do you do? Who can you complain to? Will any of these students ever give the university endowments?...will we? Over my dead body!
Thanks for letting me vent...I feel better already.
Say a prayer for Cory that he passes his boards...both written and practical.
One venting L

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Joys of Pittsburgh

Firstly, I sincerely apologize for praying for a final snowy winter so the girls could have fun memories of sledding and building snowman. I should know careful what you ask just might get it!
The girls are having so much fun in the snow. They are trying to dig out an igloo in one of the snow banks made by shoveling the snow off the sidewalk and driveway!
It is fun to watch them in the snow, brings back memories of when I was young...all those years ago! But they have been off school all week and I am ready for them to go back! They have been getting along soooo well I really can't is just me, I have to get back into my schedule or no laundry will get done.

Cory has had the pleasure of shoveling all this lovely white stuff but the street took forever! Dormont was just not prepared to have 2 feet of snow in such a short period of time and where do you put it? It was crazy!
More snow and more time together as a family and less housework done...that is the story of our week! No complaints...we never lost power for any length of time and we had groceries.
I hope everyone is staying warm.
Love and snowflakes
One L

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy Goundhogs Day

What have I been doing this past month you ask...blogging? my house? a little...keeping my dog company on the couch? yes...making jewelry? not so much...making anything? not so much. Since my workroom has been moved to the basement I am subject to the weather...when its cold outside its freezing in my basement.

I did close my booth at the craft store and have an abundance of things to sell. I was thinking of having a little half price/clearance sale at my house...not to make any money but just get my investment out.
Jonece had a band concert at school and I am having trouble uploading the video but to be honest you are not missing much...the trumpets were right in front of us and that is all you can hear.
Just the girls...I don't know what I did right to have these little ladies in my life...they are pretty amazing.
We painted the master bedroom and the computer room with a little help from the missionaries ( OK alot of help,,,OK so they totally did all of it! don't judge me)...I would show pictures except the amoire didn't survive and I have clothes that still need reassignment. I love the color. Sage green.
That stupid groundhog says we have 6 more weeks of winter and I am SOOOO done already! I hope he was snacking on some mushrooms and made a mistake. I need spring to come soon.
I apologize for being a lame blogger.
love you all
One Lame L

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

I know I prayed for a snowy winter so the girls could sled and make snow angels...we were up to 12 days in a row with snow. I constantly remind myself to be careful what I pray for...because I usually get it! The snow is light and we really don't have that much accumulation in other words it is not packing snow. Cory has taken the girls sledding a couple of times and they have loved it. I have been sick with a cold that settled in my chest and I missed all the fun. But to be honest I wasn't that heart broken. I love watching the girls have fun but it has been so cold that it would have been chilly standing there watching.
Look at those rosy cheeks!

If you are following our count down to graduation...I have a sad reminder from "he who is responsible for us being here in the first place". Just because he graduates in May doesn't mean he can start working then or we can move then. I am not sure how it all works...Cory has tried to explain to me certification and which states accept what...but all I hear is blah blah blah we can't go home yet. He has applied for a few jobs in AZ, Nevada and Texas...say prayers that he gets an excellent offer around the valley! Right now he has an interview in Tuscon...kinda far from Gilbert but better than Texas!
Dreaming of AZ sunshine and all my friends and family there!
One Chilly L