Friday, April 16, 2010


I guess it is all pretty much done except for the doing.
The house is sold and the inspection is done and we are good to go.
Cory passed all his boards...I am so proud.
Cory has only a few more restorations and he will be done at Pitt. He says he could be signed out of everything in the next 2 weeks.
Cory found a job in Tuscon and it looks like we will be moving there this summer.
We have been looking at houses to rent in northern Tuscon and found quite a few that we really like.
Now we just sit back and let life unfold. It has been so hectic and nerve racking around here I am not sure we remember how to just sit back and relax. We better figure it out though...Cory will be out of school by the end of April and have little to nothing to do until he starts work July 21st. We have to be out of our house by June 8th and we have not yet decided what we are doing.
Jonece is graduating 5th grade...I know it sounds crazy to be celebrating a fifth grade who drops out in the 4th? But here in Dormont it is a big deal and they have so many fun activities planned. Since we had a week stuck in the house because of the storm they have added a week to the end of the year to make up the lost time. Well that would mean school it extended until June 15th. We have a week where we will be homeless. Cory says it is poetic...we started here homeless in a hotel for over a week and we could end our adventure in PA in a hotel.
Even if we stay for an extra week in a hotel...we still have over a month until Cory starts work in Tuscon. I have decided to see this time as an opportunity to do a bunch of fun family maybe a nice vacation on the beach. Visit some family and super cool friends that feel like family. I just have to figure out what to do with all our stuff.
After all is said and done and we are settled in our new home and ward and state I think only then can I truly relax.
It is exciting to start this new adventure...we all look forward to no longer being poor...though Cory reminds me that we have a mountain of student loans to conquer...I think it will be better than this for sure.
Love to all
Can't wait to see all of you on a regular basis back in AZ.
Smooshes to all
One relieved L