Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trip to Canada

This is a shot of Cory and the girls at Town Beach and one of Jonece and I up in Parry Sound Ont. The Bay can be cold but that didn't stop the girls from swimming every chance they got. I has been years since I was there and to tell you the truth I had a hard time finding my way around Parry Sound via car. When we were little, we went everywhere on foot or by bike, we had short cuts through the woods and through peoples yards and nothing looked the same to me any more.
My grandma's house gets smaller every time I go...I remember it being so much larger when I was a kid...her garden used to be huge. It was wonderful to see my grandma and spend some time with her, she is getting older and I know she won't live forever. The drive up was long but the girls were great. There were two dogs and Grandma Chaffe in the back seat with them...maybe that is the secret to peaceful long trips...take along an extra few dogs and a grandma. We came back to St. Catharines and had a few days with grandpa and grandma Barb. All in all it was a long week but a fun week. We are all glad to be home.
One L

Friday, August 10, 2007

Big Brother

Chris and his girlfriend Tara came for a visit and it was just plain wonderful. I forgot how much the girls love to torment their brothers...they have always been their favorite toys. Poor Chris was practically mauled by Dene this past few days...she misses having a wrestling buddy since her sister is not one for being tackled at the drop of a hat.
We had fun while they were here, we saw the movie Transformers and it was very exciting. We went to the zoo on the muggiest day so far this year and we especially enjoyed the airconditioned exhibits. We dragged them to lots of different sites and they were gracious about everything. All they really wanted to do was stay home and hang...and eat. Chris had a list of foods he wanted me to make, and it was fun to make all his favorites but I think I will take a break from baking for a week or six!
With Cory off for the rest of Aug we are off to see the grandparents in Canada, even my grandmother up north (Parry Sound). It is so nice to have Cory around morning noon and night, and we are not sick of him yet...maybe by the end of the month we won't be so sorry for school to start up again, but I doubt it. We will take pictures up north and post again when we return.
love One L