Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vegas Baby!

First Day at the new school...thank goodness the girls really like their teachers.
Can you believe Jonece is a 6th grader? Dene is in 4th...crazy! My baby girls are so grown up.
We went to Vegas for Elder Tidwell's homecoming and stopped in at the M&M store...I just kept thinking we could buy a super huge bag of M&M's for the price of a few soooo that's what we did. We stopped at Target and I bought 4 bags of candy!

The sights were amazing...we watched people free fall from a tower and ride a rollercoaster partially indoors. We also saw some interesting advertising that reminded us why they call it Sin City. We would love to go back when we have some money so we can stay in a themed hotel that caters to families.
I was also my birthday weekend but I couldn't find anything I Coach store in sight!
Look at all these handsome return Missionaries...can you believe they are almost all from the Pittsburgh mission?
Here's a picture with a few of our favs...Chandler Tidwell, Griffin May and Kyle Black...all single girls!

With the exception of the drive home I am glad we was so good to see the guys again. It was super fun getting to meet Chandlers family...they are so fun I could totally hang with them any day of the week.
Oh I went to a site that makes books from your blogs and bought one for my birthday...all 5 years in a book. It was the best 87 bucks I have ever spent. Now I don't have to fear somehow losing all my posts and I can rest easy thinking in a way I have produced a journal for my posterity.
I included comments but next time I think I will leave them out, not because your comments are not important it is because sometimes I have pages and pages of just comments.
I loves ya all!
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