Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Let me clarify not a loser of weight...a loser at blogging.
A lot has been going on and I can't believe I didn't even blog once in over a month...that is just wrong. I know I get frustrated with my friends when they don't blog for weeks...sorry if anyone cares.
Well Cory has lived in El Paso these past 3 weeks and he and I have decided that he really doesn't want to live there...so we are moving to Las Cruces NM sometime this month or next.
Seeing him on weekends has been hard, we really do miss him during the week. I try to keep busy so I don;t miss him too much. Weekends are too short. I am surprised that I am OK with doing this living apart thing for another month or so...I really thought I would be a mess.
The girls are growing up so fast...Jonece will be 12 on the 17th...I will have a YW in the house...a babysitter...a working girl who can make some serious cash!
Dene is as always our emotional one...I love that she wears her heart on her sleeve but I need her to be OK about her daddy being gone during the week...It has been 3 weeks and she still cries her eyes out when he goes and cries at night wanting him to come home.
We have health insurance now...yeah! I hate that scary feeling that if anything huge happened we would be devastated, not only emotionally but financially too! But thank goodness for this great job opportunity that comes with great benefits.
AS for my weight my plans are on hold...I have heard about this new surgery call "The Sleeve" it is like half a GB without the bypass. I have met a few people who have had it done and I think it might be a help for me...just thinking about it.
I miss my friends...I will miss my friends here in Tucson. It is ironic that we have lived here for only 10 months and I have made some wonderful friends here that have been amazing. (It took forever in PA)
There are so many fun people I have barely gotten to know and feel kind of jipped that don't have more time.
I sure hope Las Cruces has half as many potential besties.
Well I promise to be a better blogger and post some pics of my Young Woman...LOL
Love yins
One L