Friday, July 30, 2010

New House

As some pictures of the new house. I am loving the 2 bathrooms and the wide open spaces. The best part of the "new house" is the pool. The girls have lived in it this last month. It is a salt water pool so I have also enjoyed it as it doesn't bother my psoriasis as much as a chlorine pool does.
The living room with our new it!
Entrance way with my new mirror...totally scored this one, I only paid 60 bucks for it! I am all that and a bag of chips...yes the queen of bargain I being prideful?
Sliding glass doors out to the pool and that thing on the floor is Cookie...I am surprised how much she likes sleeping on the tile.
This is the dining area, my old table looks great with the colors.
This is the office/den alcove off the kitchen.
Kitchen...with a gas stove...yeah! I am having to adjust a few of my recipes for the new stove but so far so good. Can you see all the counter space?
I must say it is harder to keep this kitchen clean...the gas stove is not as spill friendly as the glass top and the counters become the dumping spot for everything from the mail to makeup.

Yes this is a section of my craft room...what a mess! A hot mess!
Well we are loving Tucson and I have been blessed with an amazing ward that has welcomed me with open arms and I have met some wonderful people. I know some of us will be great friends. It is such a stark contrast to my experience in the took me forever to find a friend and here I feel like I already have a handful!
Cory is adjusting to working better than I am...I got used to having him around 24/7 and now during the week he is gone for the better part of the day. We are lucky to have him home by 6:30pm...yuck! He still finds it difficult to be referred to as Dr. Thompson...too funny!
The girls start school on the 9th of August...they are not as happy as I am about that. They need more structure and time away from each other or someone is going to get hurt.
That is all for now, I do miss so many of the super cool people back in the you guys!
One L

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Done and Done

We got the house we wanted...the one with the salt water northern Tucson. We emptied the PODS just Cory and I. Slowly but surely I am unpacking and putting things away. I have some pictures but to be honest I want to wait until the house is cute before I post pics.

Our new address is
8021 North Higgins Feather Dr.
Tucson AZ 85743
Phones remain the same!

I have had fun spending time with family and friends.
My good friends Amy and two L's (Michelle) took me to see was too fun.
I still haven't seen so many of my good friends...I hope you all forgive me.
It's only about an hour and a half from our house to the valley but it would have to be a daytime thing because I still fade so quickly in the evenings.

Pittsburgh friends...I miss you!!!!
I was thinking about taking the girls camping and immediately thought to call Radene and Mandy...then I remembered you guys are back in the Burgh...bummer.
I went out to dinner with Italian restaurant....NOT! they can't even touch the Burgh when it comes to Italian food...but the Mexican food here is so YUMMY...its a trade off I know.
Love you all
One Tucson L