Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broken camera

Well Cory dropped the camera on moving day...and it is kaput! I wanted a new one anyway but there are so many things I needed that since I had a perfectly good camera it seemed frivolous to ask for a new one. Summers are great because they have Mother's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. So its added to the list. I don't know how to put photos from my phone on my blog so "onelmichele" will be photoless until I get a new one.
Quick update...not loving Las Cruces so far...love the mountains, love the wind, love the rent...but I am scared that the ward doesn't hold as many super cool possible friend like people like Tucson had. I hope I am not having another burgh thing happening...it took me forever to make a friend but mostly because I left the most amazing friends in Gilbert...so I think I was mostly to blame...I couldn't let myself get attached because I knew it was only temporary. I have to stop thinking of LC as temporary (even though I think it is) or I will never make a friend here.
We just spent the last 4 days in the valley and it was so much fun. A couple of days with my sister Caroline and her family, spent time with Cory's family, ofcourse the boys and then 2 days with my friend Sherida. My girls are so attached to her family...they love them to pieces...so do I. So I guess being only 4 hours away is totally doable. We will see eachother often.
I want to take the girls to Pittsburgh this summer and see all our friends there...we will see how the money situation goes.
Love to all
One interstate L


Meredith said...

Our camera died too, right after Grant was born! Luckily we got pics first. So I feel your pain...and am also excited to get a new one too :) I MISS YOU! You must come to Pittsburgh before I leave next year...please?! Anyway, I'm sure you will find good friends there in your ward, it's always funny to me how so many of my first impressions of people turn out to be wrong! Or maybe I am a horrible judge of character :)

Jan said...

Michele! Just found your blog and we are sure missing you over here! I am glad that you are not too far away..4 hours is totally doable!! Hope you can find a good camera soon! (p.s. I'm going to send you an invite to my blog if you want it)

Amy said...

Before you left I was going to tell you that I hope you don't come back for visits without EVER saying hello. Maybe we'll catch you next time. And of COURSE your new ward isn't as cool as our ward! JK, there are kindred spirits everywhere and I bet you'll find a good friend soon.

ps- I use a Nikon D60 camera.