Monday, May 02, 2011

Jonece's Solo and Birthday

Jonece turned 12 and is now in Young Womens and growing up way too fast for Cory. I love that she is almost a teenager and getting ready for junior high and then high school. I know some people had a hard time in high school but for me it was so much fun. I hope my girls have as positive experience as I did.

Jonece got a part in her school play where she was Snow White...who wins the award for best female vocalist. Its kind of hard to hear her...but she did great!
We are moving in two weeks and I am on tract to be packed up and ready to go.

Love One L


Brooklet said...

Way to go Jonece! She did great. What a brave girl- I bet she had so much fun. I can't believe she is twelve either. FUn years in YW to come!

Good luck with your move. I know it's the pits, but soon you'll be with Cory!

nancy said...

awww that was so cute. i can't believe how she has grown. what happened to that little girl?! happy b-day jonece, great job!
good luck on your next adventure.
someone out there doesn't know it yet, but an awesome friend is coming their way. miss you, xo =)

Tyson and Rachelle said...

Finally a picture and a video! Hooray! I can't believe how grown up Jonece is. Miss seeing those girls!

Radene said...

Great job! That was awesome. Just the nerves to get up there....way to go! You sounded great.

Amy said...

Okay, now that you're gone we have to stay in contact. So, check my blog now and again and I'll check yours. I hope all is well for you. We miss you guys!